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What’s happening

[SW19 note: This is a merger of various posts which were taking up too much space and had original reformatting problems]

A quick roundup:

Unusually for the England setup, a Dons player may even be allowed to start. OK, so Emile Heskey is injured, and I don’t like England much anyway, but I really hope that Carl Cort starts and gets a hat-trick.
KC apologises for the slip-up which allowed Cock Suker to score in the 90th minute against Eire. It’s down to lack of concentration for a split second. Yes, like that never happened at club level…

Lars seems to be enjoying life in Londinium. He like Wimbledon FC, Wimbledon itself and the fact that he’s got a nice house to live in. He also reckons we’ll be all right. Try telling that to some of our so-called fans

Gillingham have announced plans for a £60m, 40,000 stadium on the River Medway. Poor fools, they’re too dumb to realise that having your own ground is un-necessary and all you need is another team’s stadium full of away fans because you’ve fucked off your own fans too much. Having your own ground? Pah.

Israel lose 3-2 to Cyprus, but Walid Badir comes on as sub and scored the Israeli first goal. This guy’s gonna be good….

Effin Ekoku still wonders why he’s been booted out. He’s now bitching about Premiership players “only turning up for the money” – nah, you don’t say. I’m sure there will be more than one person who will notice the ironic nature of that comment. To further add fuel to the fire (is bullshit a flammable material?), Effin slags off SH, saying that he only offered him second division wages and doesn’t know much about football (he’s being kind, of course). Yeah, well, SH may not have much about stuff like grounds but he does seem to know the worth of players. After all, if you play like a monkey….

Robbie Earle has apparently been linked to the player/coach job at Reading. This is because Tommy Burns is on his way out of Celtic (coincidentally, if Celtic and Rangers were so good, how come whenever someone leaves they never go to people like Man U or Arse?), because they’ve done rather shite thus far. Of course, Teamtalk are claiming that we don’t want to let him go, but we haven’t signed Walid Badir for no reason. Also, the longer Robbie Earle keeps complaining about style of play etc I think Drillo may be willing to drive him there.

Carl Cort nets the 4th goal for the England U-21 against Luxembourg tonight. I didn’t really watch it – I was watching Not The Nine O’Clock News, believe it or not – but he came on a sub. No conspiracy there. Coincidentally, there was a shot of someone in a Tiny shirt when England scored their first, this vindicates David Barnard’s claim that we are selling shirts in Reading, Wokingham and other places in that part of the world. Cue link to ground-sharing with Reading

On the subject of grounds, why the fuck are Charlton allowed to bid for the white elephant the horrific monument to that slimy greasy mortgage fiddling parasitical cunt called Peter Mandelson that wonderful creation called the Millenium Dome and we’re expected to love Selhurst Park? I want to kill someone, trouble is I don’t know who. Turns out there’s plenty of land in a place off the A3 with a huge office block which has loads of wasteland. I won’t say where it is but it’s a fucking good place

Sully’s been picked as first choice GK for Scotland against whoever they’re playing. More importantly, KC could well be Eire’s captain against Croatia – good choice, good for us, good for Eire. Let’s hope that Eire don’t do what happened when Vinny captained Wales vs Holland.

Ex-Womble in the news. Tommy Cunningham, ex-CB in the early 80s, is now Barnet’s assistant manager. TC, for those of you with longer memories than me, will remember that he fancied himself as a bit of a Stan Bowles, and was never too keen on our style of play. He was especially unkeen on our style of play when he signed for Orient and we subsequently beat them 6-2 at Brisbane Road. None the less, he likes us now, especially when you remember that we’re a Premiership club.

Oh, and before I forget, well done Surrey CC on winning the Country Championship for the first time since I was born. We even played in Wimbledon the last time we won the CC, now that was a long time ago

Seems like we’re after a player called Steve Barbe, who currently is on loan for Charlton. Now, he’s been on trial with us before and we didn’t sign him, purely because of lack of experience. Granted, it does seem a little weird that Charlton have taken him on trial and now we want him “back”, but he’s supposedly very highly rated. Aren’t they all?

Looks like Ulster have already conceded defeat in Turkey – they’ve decided that Michael Hughes is to be their main striker. Now since when was he an out-and-out striker? On second thoughts, the other option they’ve got IS Ian Dowie…

One more thing – Jonesy of W&WW is definitely running a coach to Cardiff, basically you’ll need to contact him for the specifics, but it will cost £15, it will leave from somewhere in Wimbledon at 1pm, picking up somewhere in Central London for 2pm and will have a TV and bog. Also, if you can pay him before Derby, so much the better. (and if you do, tell him that SW19’s ARMY sent you). To put you off the Official Supporters Club, they’re charging £20 for something similar, this service does include a free Roy Brown video, and the knowledge that your 20 quid is subsidising the personal drinking partners of the Official Supporters Club Committee Members for free travel to and from everywhere they go (not to mention the fact they get first refusal on choice of music played, and at what time….)

Hehe, Eire beat Yugo 2-1, fucking excellent goal by JFK. Now, it’s a shame that he never made it with us (or Liverpool), I guess he really needed to drop down a division (remember, he always played his best against 1st Div sides), at least he’s proving his worth now. I think it wasn’t so much Drillo but JK who forced him out (remember he never played him much), and I suppose it was the “excuse” he needed. Ah well. Also, KC played very well yet again, I wonder how long it is before we sell him? Never mind, fucking good result, and at this rate Eire could well be the only “home” nation team to qualify for Euro 2000. Now wouldn’t that piss off the anti-Wimbledon press?

Cardiff is on the Tuesday, 14 September. Mark “Jonesy” Jones, he of W&WW fame, is running a coach to this game, ask him for details or check his website out (not just yet, the poor guy’s trying to sort out his Merc’s MOT and his bulging porn collection). I hope as many people as possible turn up, because I don’t want another Everton-style debacle happening. Who knows, maybe even some Swansea fans may turn up, purely to support John Hartson, of course 🙂

Drillo’s gone back to Norway. Well, actually it’s because he’s having a break, and he needs it I think, merely to get away from the moaning bastards. Trouble is, the way the press have reported it, it almost makes you believe he’s contemplating a permanent return to Norseland. Fucking cunts – can’t the guy have even a little relaxation? He does come from Norway you know, I suppose he IS allowed to return home once in a while without the lies and big-club driven propaganda spewing out from the sewers of Wapping. Jesuz, I suppose some of our more gullible fanbase will start campaigning that he stays there permanently, if that’s the case then we have the most fickle, fucked up fanbase in the country. Get real, cretins, fuckwits like you are damaging OUR club, fuck off and support Celsi like you used to do.

Reserves beat Concrete City 3-0, Jon Goodman netting twice. Good to see him back, hopefully he’ll get at least a first team run-out soon. He couldn’t have done any worse than Gayle.
Juninho has gone back to Middlesburgh on loan, until the season ends that is. Now, I don’t like Boro, the team, the manager, the assistant manager especially, the place, the town, the people, the pollution etc etc etc but at least he’s “acceptable” – witness when the Uncle Festers lost to Celsi in the FA Cup, at least the Brazilian looked genuinely upset that he lost. Half our players wouldn’t have.