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Some more news from international week just gone:

Sully played well for Scotland, just as well as they looked shite up front. Mind you, so did the Estonian goalie Mark Poom, who plays for Derby. Who we’re playing on Saturday. Fuck.

Eire won, 3-2 vs Malta, and only one more win will see them top…. KC played, so did JFK but he got substitued on 54 mins.

Wales are out of Euro 2000 – Denmark inexplicably beat Italy 3-2 and looks like JH won’t be playing in Belgium. Unless they find out that he really was born in the valleys of Tipperary and was registered wrongly. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

Norway beat Slovenia (I think) 4-0, Leo and Iversen scored, though no TP or Trond so I don’t know why I’ve decided to mention it.

Israel beat San Marino 8-0, and yet WB didn’t score. What the fuck is going on? Even Effin Ekoku would have scored. On second thoughts, that’s maybe pushing it a bit….

WFC Res beat the Cocks reserves 2-0 at their place on Tuesday night. Russell Williamson (a name for the future methinks) scored in 52 minutes, but left with a broken nose. Nothing to do with the Yids of course, because they never foul, and they play such attractive football, and they’re nothing like horrible thuggish route one Wimbledon of course. No, he fell over because he was such in awe of WHL (well, actually Spurz play their second XI at St Albans, but even so we are supposed to be honoured at playing there). Of course, the returning JH shut the bagel eating shites with a second on 82 mins, christ we need him back.

England U21 lose to Polska, and trying to get information on a new ground for WFC is easier than trying to find out if Carl Cort played. I assume he did, because then everyone can blame the loss on Engerland playing a Wimbledon player.

Reading have denied that they’re going in for Robbie Earle MBE (to give him his proper name). The Reading board are fully behind Tommy Burns, which is the kiss of death if ever I saw one. Also, REMBE is keen on going into management. No doubt he’ll claim his mentor to be Joe Kinnear, in which case expect to see him baloon 50 lbs, start swearing like a trouper and become the driving force behind his new club moving to Kingston, Jamaica.

Nice to see Ceefax South East having their collective finger on the pulse. A story on the sport pages claims rather astonishingly that Wimbledon Reserves have switched their matches to Gander Green Lane. Well bugger me sideways, smear lard on my buttocks and call me Patrick Collins. Whatever next? Someday somebody might realise we groundshare at Selhurst Park.