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Derby day preview

Tomorrow, SW19 (along with IMBD and other various Wombles) will be meeting David Barnard and the SP Chief Steward with regards to the stewarding at SP. I will let you know what went down this time tomorrow.

Good news for the match vs Derby tomorrow – Dean Blackwell still has a leg injury (obviously the hitman which SW19 paid did his job correctly) and therefore TP and Trond should be the twin towers in central defence. TP does have a little niggle on his knee – his kneecap, I think they call it – and if he can’t start, expect KC to be in central defence and the vastly improved Duncan Jupp at RB. Well, vastly improved as in he couldn’t play any worse….actually, he looked good and confident in pre-season, hopefully a new manager with proper ideas will kickstart his career.

Apart from Jon Goodman, Wild Thang must be the most unluckiest player at the club – a groin injury has forced him out for Derby. He does, however, hope to be back 100% for Treble Winning United PLC next Saturday.

JH is back, fuck we need him

Some fun on the transfer rumour mill today, and we’re not referring to the rather dumb transfer window idea either. Neil “I don’t run like a jerk normally honest” Ardley has reportedly been told he can go if the club receives a good enough offer. Pretty Fly (For A Shite Guy) is bitching because he complains that WFC is “geared towards the long ball”. Eh? Where the fuck have you been for the last 30 years Neil? He apparently wants a move to “a Premiership club, preferably one which plays a passing game”. Right, so you’ll need to trap the ball, distribute it accurately, give and go etc etc….Neil, are you feeling OK? Apparently Spurz and Fulham are after him – love to see him at Spurz, that would make me laugh.

Couldn’t update last night (all right, so I couldn’t be fucked), but reports from Norway suggest that we’re still after Frode Olsen, Norge national GK and Drillo’s Love Child. The reason(s) for this is that we are still looking to actively sell Sully before the 31st June 2000, and get the £4m for him. If somebody like Rangers or even Aberdeen need someone quickly, and are prepared to shell out, expect him to go. Either that or Paul Heald will probably go after his broken finger heals – what is it with our GKs and broken hands? – remember Wycombe wanted him. Olsen (Frode) will expect to sign for £800,000 or possibly even more, he’s probably not that bad and he is the same age as Sully.

Another possible transfer rumour is that Stig Inge Bjornebye, Liverpool LB, is ready to be sold for a “reasonable fee”, and us and Rosenborg are after him. Possible replacement for Kimble, or (dare I say it) Thatcher? Be interested if we’ll pay Liverpool wages – unless SIB wants to play for his old national manager. Still, not a bad buy if he comes, that will potentially mean that we could have an entire Norwegian back 4 if Cunningham goes/is injured. Not that that’s what Drillo really wants, of course, though given our past record with Norwegians is that a bad thing?

As for Drillo, he’s been talking to the press again. He reckons that England won’t qualify for Euro 2000 because Poland are more than likely to get a draw in Sweden, effectively knocking the overpaid ponces out. England are now no longer considered intimidating – never met England fans then have we? That said, what else do you expect from a national team that plays an out-of-form strikeforce, has a defence the combined age of something like 120 and whose main hope is a 32 year old alcoholic has been who hits women. As long as it’s not at Eire’s expense, I want Norway to win Euro 2000. Hopefully with Drillo celebrating with them and negotiating nice deals to wear Tiny shirts next season….

Drillo also reckons that if the players don’t get the hang of the zonal system by Christmas, he may well have to revert back to the old man-marking system. Bet it won’t come to that, but if it does it will prove that the players have just a little too much influence…

Bad news for those wanting to go to Cardiff – Marc “Jonesy” Jones has cancelled the Rogue Coach due to lack of interest. And he genuinely thought that my article about lack of away support was being a little bit tongue-in-cheek…. That said, it’s a fucking pathetic indicement of the club and a lot of our support….