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Up in Scouseland

Special Scouse edition – back of today’s Liverpool Echo states an interview with Francis Jeffers, anyway he reckons that we haven’t changed our style, but we have great team spirit. So, he’s planning his media career when he retires already…
Also, there’s a nice bit about Wild Thing, and a MASSIVE bit about Effin whinging about hard done by he is. Available for £0.5m no less. Hmm, what’s the betting that Goodison Park awaits the lazy one???


Carl Cort’s in the England U21 squad, at least there’s one Dons player who gets to play for them when he’s on form. Bet he’ll have to move to Spurz to get in the full squad

Speaking of the yids, David “My car was stuck in first gear honest” Pleat has denied ever making bids for half our squad/fanbase. Guess they reckon that too many Wombles will destroy the great Spurz traditions that we are all expected to love and obey. Our players work hard for a living, seem grateful for what they’ve got and whenever they get a decision against us just get on with it. No, there is no way they would ever survive at Shite Tart Lane

One player definitely looking like he’s on his way is Effin. He’s fit again, so he says, but Drillo hasn’t even put him in the squad for Everton. Apparently the Lazy One has reportedly said that he doesn’t want to sit around all day not playing. Obviously he never saw himself play recently….

Also not playing is JH, ankle still hurts. Guess they reinforced the plant pots in Swansea then 🙂

Drillo is [insert name of chosen deity here] as we all know, and now, in SW19’s eyes, so is Lars. Well, he was anyway, but here’s confirmation : Mr Chairnorse has said that some referees “should be beaten up”. Well, maybe the translation got mispronounced, but then that’s something we’ve said for years. Couple that with the Brian Kiddesque celebration at Newk in the 90th minute and Lars looks like a perfect replacement for Drillo when he eventually retires in 2015, having just won the European Cup, and celebrating round in the New Plough Lane Stadium at Horley. Yeah, I’m drunk….

Also, Lars is now officially a member of the oh-so-wacky C***y G**g. He had his tracksuit bottoms torn up. Still, despite the rather “whacky” image, it does at least keep people’s feet on the ground.

Gareth Ainsworth has a new nickname, called “Wild Thing”. This replaces the “Ivor The Engine” tag which absolutely nobody under the age of 22 understands. So, why Wild Thing? He certainly made everything feel groovy on Saturday. None the less, Ivor…er…Wild….urm….Gareth is being level headed, he can fully understand if he is on the bench Weds as he claims he’s not 100% fit. You mean he isn’t?
One other thing about Gareth, like all true Womble players, he managed to get booked as well. With luck I hope we win the Dirty Play League this year, I can’t stand all this nauseating goody-goody stuff. I want to kill people….