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Some more happenings from this international week:

Hermann has signed for us, from Brentford of course, for £2.5m (a fee expertly predicted by SW19 a couple of days ago). Obviously, Uncle Ron isn’t too happy about him going, but he did say that the money was good and we ARE a Premiership club. The question is, who will he replace? It could – and should – be Blackadder, but as Drillo said that Trond was more a midfielder, perhaps he will be the one to move into position? Or will that be when TP returns? Still, at least we’re signing defenders again, and clearly Drillo ain’t gonna put up with the horse wank that has passed itself off for a solid back four performance within the last couple of weeks.

Of course, the N17 lot, who were also after Hermann may launch a bid for yet another one of our players, in possibly a tit-for-tat move (namely, they’ve said to us that we can have Hermann providing we can sign one of your players). The player in question is none other than Marcus Gayle, who (according to Saturday’s Sport First) is putting in a transfer request, and is available for between £5m and £6m. Stop laughing. This move is reportedly because Les Ferdinand is injured, and they reckon they need a good forward. And they’re not jealous of Arsenal.

Carl Cort has been offered a really nice 5 year contract. Not bad for someone who is reportedly not happy with the teams tactics. Hopefully it will be performance-based pay, at least we’ll only need to pay him after each Big 5 match.

If that wasn’t enough, the News Of The Screws reports that Andreas Lunde, Norwegian CF, is coming to us for £4m. He plays for Molde, and although he won’t be available until after the Champions/Runners Up/Other Moneymakers League, he’ll be a useful asset. Now I’m confused. Assuming this story is actually true, it will mean that we’ll have about 5 strikers at least in competition with each other. And as we famously only play with one striker up front, it could make life very interesting indeed. JH is playing too well to be dropped, Carl Cort is starting to show form again, and where would Lunde play?

I suppose this is in reply to Chris Perry’s recent criticism that there isn’t enough competition for places at Wimbledon. Plus the fact that it’s only been JH who has consistently been performing well, to get someone like Lunde is laying down the gauntlet to people like Cort and Euell that their selective policy of playing isn’t going to cut it under Drillo. One more thing – we’re supposed to be skint, yet we’re offering all this money for people. Are R&G putting their hands into their wallets now that “their” man is in charge? And if this continues, do you think that they’ll start looking for a new stadium just to piss SH off?

Ex-Don, Andy Pearce, has joined Aldershot Town. Yes, you remember Andy Pearce, looked like a member of Bon Jovi before Vinny got his razor out. He was a centre-back, and not a particularly special one. He was injured for a while, and eventually left. You still don’t remember? OK then, he came about 4 years ago and was one of Kinnear’s last signings who was actually a defender (before Our Greatest Ever Manager – kept us in the Premiership since 1982, brilliant man management skills, we would never have lost 5-1 to Sheff Wed under him – decided that the best way of solving a defence was to buy midfielder after midfielder after midfielder). Slightly hazy, isn’t it. He was signed because we had a defensive crisis even then. Er, no, we used to be OK in defence once, long time ago. Totally lost now? OK, forget it.
SH is back in fighting mood again, this time against FIFA and UEFA. He reckons that the reason that English clubs play too many games (yeah….) is because UEFA and FIFA put too much pressure on the teams, for example the hyper expanded Champions and Runners Up and Other Potential Money Makers League. He also states that there is no real need for the Premiership to cut down to 18. I think this may be more a matter of vested interest – after all, if they start cherrypicking clubs for this new Premiership thing, who are they most likely to get shot of? You guessed it.

Now, SH has claimed that if we got relegated, it’s bye bye Wimbledon, which I always felt was a bit far-fetched anyway, but I think we would lose quite a bit of revenue. Football is changing, though the direction it’s going ain’t gonna make many people want to be involved in it. And thinking about it, it’s come way too late anyway – the “footy” boom period was two years ago, the bubble is bursting, people are wising up to the obscene amounts of money, nobody really gives a fuck about the Champions (and others) League, so why bother? Besides, if it did go ahead, expect the level of interest to plummet quicker than SH’s credibility after signing up the SP leasehold….

More on Maggie’s Liverpool move, it could well be that they’ve put a £4m bid in for him, though I doubt that we’ll let him go for anything less than £6m. Now, some people are panicking, but I say this – Maggie is not as consistant as KC is, at times he can look quite ordinary. If they offer us enough money for ANY player, take it. I believe we need to really dismantle this current team and start again, and if Maggie goes, well…. come on, we’ve coped before, and to paraphrase Norman Tebbit this week – “the guilty parties are no longer in charge”. You know what I mean

One more thing – fuck you Macedonia, you commie bastards. Hope your shitty little country goes bust and the IMF tell you to fuck off and everyone dies of starvation. No, I’m not bitter. Honest.