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Any good feelings I had about WFC 98/99 team 3 Makem Reserves 2 has given way to yet more anger, and this is why : yes, we played well, but according to REMBE, it’s solely because Drillo wasn’t there.

Here’s what he – and his partner in crime, Mr S. Stammers – had to say in the tossrag Evening Substandard (an anti WFC-rag which, quelle surprise, Robbie Earle writes for) :

Earle, as captain, said the players wanted to return to the power play that has served them so well in their annual fight for Premiership survival.

Now, you read this right – the same Robbie Earle who has constantly undermined Drillo from day one, and who has been the captain during the worst 3 years of the club in living memory. Bearing in mind that Earle has been passed it for about two years now, you would think that he would wind down gracefully, no? Actually, he’s taken on the self-appointed role as the leader of the Drillo Out brigade. Witness this :

“He (Drillo) said he welcomed our opinions and, to be fair, he listened and agreed to give it a try”

Well, I wonder if Earle actually bothered to mention it to Drillo? And if he did, did Drillo actually say “pass the Nurofen, my throat’s fucking killing me”? Given the level of untruth, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I continue .

“It has been hard for John Hartson because he has had to play up front on his own.”

It’s a hard job, but it becomes harder still if midfielders don’t do their job and support him, eh? .

“We wanted to play the kind of pressure game we have used successfully over the years. We wanted Carl Cort and Marcus Gayle up front to give support to the central striker.” .

Notice the liberal use of the word “we”? Notice that the tactics he’s preaching are exactly the same as Kinnear used? And have you stopped laughing/seething over the comment “kind of pressure game we have used successfully over the years”?

The rest of the article is frankly muppet shit, and I don’t think I can repeat much more of it without wishing to set Robbie Earle’s house on fire. To give you an idea of the level of this article, I will quote you the end three paragraphs:

It should also be noted that last season, Olsen was in charge of Valeranga and they failed to win in their first seven games. They did at the eighth time of asking and it happened to be a day Olsen was absent. Point two, despite a squad and backroom list that reads like an electoral role from Oslo with Andresen M, Andersen T, Pedersen, Olsen and his assistant Lars Tjernas, there was not one Nordic name on the Wimbledon team sheet last night, not even among the substitutes. Coincidence or what? .

There are so many lies in those last three paragraphs I can’t afford to waste much bandwith on it. You know what they are, all I need say is that of the five Norwegians mentioned, one was on the touchline being assistant manager, one was undergoing light training, one was nursing a buttock strain – yes, that’s why Trond wasn’t playing (apparently straining your arse is quite common in athletes), and one had just joined and wasn’t going to play anyway.

I could really rant and rave, but instead I ought to throw in a few undeniable truths, just to balance Earle’s lies up. Firstly, the same players who were quite magnificent last night (actually, we WERE pretty good, but if anything that makes it worse) were EXACTLY THE SAME PLAYERS who decided that they weren’t going to play towards the end of last season.

They did it in front of Mick Harford, who was temporarily in charge last night. Secondly, let us not forget that we played against Sunderlands reserve team in effect. If we couldn’t have beaten them last night, we were in severe shit. Thirdly, let’s actually think about the match last night. First half, it was pretty dire, we were unable to pass the ball, shoot, penetrate etc etc.

Second half, Sunderland were in truth all over us, and did indeed deserve to score. This woke us up, and yes we did play pretty well. But then they had to – they would have played just the same with or without Drillo last night, because the fact of the matter is, save one or two exceptions, the vast majority of those playing last night would not have played Premiership football anywhere else. This was hardly vintage stuff, true we defended stoutly but we still let in two goals against a team not playing their two main strikers. So it’s hardly reason to get Drillo out is it?

Fourthly, we played well against Watford, Coventry, Boro, Man U, Newk and Spurz, not spectacular but we didn’t disgrace ourselves (the refs did though, but that’s another point). The only two bad performances featured almost entirely the same players as who played last night. But of course those performances weren’t the players fault, oh no. Fifthly, and probably most telling of all, Earle proudly claims that we won last night because we played direct football again. The same style as Drillo has been trying to get wasters like Earle to play all season.

It’s merely confirmed in black and white what many people suspected – the players are too full of themselves to listen to Drillo, and the fact that the main protragonist in all of this is REMBE should surprise no-one. At least we now know the source of this tumour, and the sooner Robbie Earle is kicked out of this club the better. He has become exactly like Keith Curle, and he’s merely representative of the JK/Selhurst/Crazy Gang/Relegation Material dross that we’ve suffered from for many years, and what Drillo is trying almost impossibly to put right.

We will win against Bradford, simply because we have to, but we will undoubtedly lose against Soton and Leeds because the players now think they’ve done enough for this season. What I want to see Saturday is for all the fit new players, ie Badir, Herman, Dry Martini and of course Trond, to play on Saturday and win 6-0 with a JH hat-trick and a fully fit Drillo in charge. I also want to see REMBE out in the wilderness for good now, he’s done nothing this year, and I want a reaffirming of proper WFC values instead of the corrupted shit that REMBE dishes out.

Two more things before I close this sorry chapter for today. One, how many people were actually aware that Drillo wasn’t there last night? And second, I bet SH hasn’t totally forgotten last season as well. And remember, if Drillo was pushed, it’s him who’s going to come off worse of all…….

Apparently, Martin O’Neil and a Spurz scout were watching Gayle and Cort respectively last night. Gayle I can understand, but I think Cort may be a bit harder to prise away. There is no truth to the rumour that an SW19-sponsored Yardie was watching our number 8’s every move last night, hell, we only employed him this morning.

Thankfully, TP is back in light training, at least we’ve got one player who tries his hardest every game.

And just to make you feel good – we’ve got Huddersfield away in the next round of the Worthless Cup. Bet Robbie Earle tries to run over Drillo before that tie so he can claim to keep the team spirit alive.