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Cheap Tramadol Cod Overnight Published by Tramadol 50 Mg Online Uk REPD on 14 October 1999

Lars isn’t happy – like the rest of us, he’s pissed off with the press shit as well, even reckoning that it’s bordering on racism. In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper, he says that the players meeting with Olsen was instigated by Drillo himself – not REMBE. He also said that the criticism is getting to one or two of the players, although I think he knows that it’s probably one or two more of the players doing the criticism…….

Now get this : the journos who are the most vehement of Drillo this week are Steve Stammers, Tony Stenston and Kevin Moseley. Stammers is a long-time critic of WFC, but he did have the courage to write in a WFC programme in around 1989 explaining why he isn’t exactly a fan. Tony Stenston used to live in Wimbledon, and frankly that guy is probably the biggest two faced cunt in the business. Kevin Moseley was something like the best man at JK’s wedding (or was JK the best man at his wedding – it’s one of the two), and therefore the dissention comes from those with vested interests (it’s funny how none of the other papers made any mention of it one bit).

Tramadol Buy Online Usa It’s all starting to fit into place now – certain players want JK back, they go bleating to certain journos, in order to destabilise us. It’s all rather lousy, and a couple of termination of players contracts are needed before the whole thing goes belly up. And if REMBE apologises for his remarks, I probably won’t accept them.

Tramadol Order Online Cod Thankfully, it looks like Hermann and Dry Martini will be starting on Saturday. This is purely because WB and Trond are out with injuries, so I guess we’ll see Blackadder struggling yet again (did you know he’s close to 30 years old? He must be close to a testimonial). But then many people reckoned he’s OK with a better CB to fall back on (ie Scales, Perry, TP)….

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One player showing loyalty is Carl Cort – he doesn’t want to go because he thinks he’s going to sit on the bench at a “bigger” club. Good man. He also is reckoned to be one of the old mob most adept at the zonal stuff, so at least that’s one less player Drillo needs to be worried about Tramadol India Online Tramadol Online Usa Tramadol Sale Online Order Tramadol 180 Cod