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Drillo returns to work

Drillo is back at work, thankfully, and he too has made comment on REMBE’s attack in the ESS. He quotes:

“It’s the same as saying England is just for the Englishmen. It seems they are saying go home Norwegians.”

Now, whilst the comment originally made may not necessarily been about racism, it does show that the ESS has raised passions probably not seen for a long time at WFC. Couple this with what KC said this week:

“A win in whatever competition injects confidence and there’s certainly a more bouncy feeling around the training ground.”

Meaning there could well be a lot of guilt flying around the place at the moment. This won’t get REMBE off the hook, though, he should still pay for those comments, but I think it may well have hit home that such open disloyalty doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Let’s hope it stays that way. Co-incidentally, somebody pointed out that if the players think they’re undermining Drillo, they subsequently think they’re undermining SH and R&G as well (bearing in mind that the man with the most importance at WFC is Drillo – think about it), which makes me wonder if any of them have had a word? Just remember that if Drillo was forced out, he wouldn’t be the only one to look bad

Just thought – I wonder how many of the Anti-Drillo Brigade in the crowd actually went to the Fans Day? Not many, I bet.

Carl Cort says he wants to stay, though Drillo is worried he might have to sell him. Well, how many other players could he get money for? Not many, if the truth was known.

Team news for tomorrow: Hermann’s starting, Trond’s getting his buttock checked, see if he can play. Dry Martini may well be on the bench because he’s still really got to settle in with life in England. And WB may still be injured, though Roberts is likely to be dropped. Guess now the 10 game cut-off point has passed we will see some much needed change around here finally.