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Some thoughts from this week:

Drillo’s playing mind games again – he’s given sympathy to Villa boss John Gregory about the “penalty” they got against the Mackems on Monday night. He said it was a poor decision and all that, refs have got to be more consistent etc etc, all designed to put Villa off tomorrow. Villa have, however, retaliated by signing Carbone this week. Hmm, getting serious…. He also says that says that last week was the best overall performance he’s seen – what, even better than Man U away? – and it proves that the system is working. Like we always said it would if the players stop acting like cunts. Mind you, the amount of people who STILL refuse to credit Drillo with the win (and by that I mean the muppets) is astounding – the amount of “that’s because we played the old way” type comments I heard after Bradford made me want to launch a flame-thrower on some people. Jeez, what happens if we win something, will these people finally give Drillo a bit of slack? Or will we get the usual bollocks. I know that JK was trying to turn us into Spurz Mark II, just didn’t expect to turn half our fanbase into Spurz fans as well.
Rumours abound – again – of Maggie swanning off to Liverpool. Some sources say it’s a dead cert that he’s going (£5m quoted), with Stig Inge Bjornebye coming to us (another Norwegian? Whatever would the muppets say?), whilst others say that the story is bullshit. I assume that the recent rash of transfer stories this week is down to the fact that we’ve managed to win our last two games. Either that or nobody is interested in buying Ardley, Earle, M Hughes etc etc…

Buy Ambien Online Reviews More transfer stuff – SH has told English clubs not to sniff round Sully, because it’s illegal to do so before he’s out of contract. This means that either Sully’s going at the end of this season, but abroad, or he’s actually staying at WFC. SH reckons that Sully may well sign for us again, and in fact seems very confident about it. Who knows, perhaps Man U haven’t gone in for him….. Guess what? Terry Phelan is playing for Palace. Go on, you know you want to love him…. Wimbledon team in clean sheet shock : the reserves beat Watford 5-0 anyway. No idea who scored, but the Watford goalkeeper was one Chris Day, who fucked so spectacularly against us on the opening game of the season. Walid played, merely an injury which he was running to. Coincidentally, I saw Walid’s cousin and agent, sound bloke. He said that we’ve only seen 60% of what WB can do, and described Ben Thatcher as a “nutcase”. His words, not mine…….

Apparently, Spurz have offered £3m plus Scales and Ruel Fox for JH. Not even a “0” on the end of the figure quoted. I hope somebody at WFC is laughing very very loudly at this offer

Ambien Prices Online Nettavisen, via TNC, has an interview with Lars. He notes how good Herman was, and how good the squad is becoming, reckoning us to be pretty damn good next year. On being asked about the UK gutter press, he makes this: “Some newspapers thinks the best managers are those who can say ‘fuck’ most times, or have the finest suits”.

Real Ambien Online Now, who could he mean……………………………….?

Meanwhile, look out kids, JH is ready to explode. Well, sort of. The press have been collectively licking his backside today, and to give them some column inches, he’s said that he’s like a timebomb ready to go off. Er, yeah. I’ll let the great man himself explain:

“I feel like a time-bomb. The red mist still comes over me but I’m trying to control my temper and gain control of my feelings. I’ve settled down now and have a five month old daughter, Rebecca. I wouldn’t say that I’ve changed completely because something could happen next week. Aggression plays a major part of my game and that is what managers buy me for, they want me to go out there and scare defenders. If I took that out of my game I would be less than half the player.”

Shades of John Fashanu methinks, and probably a much better player as well. It’s being suggested that JH is at last playing the best football of his career, which just shows 1) how much we’ve bought him on again, and 2) how dumb West Ham were for letting him go.
Remember when Fash was going to go in 1989, but didn’t? Well, ten years on and it’s happening all over again – Carl Cort and JH are wanted by – who else? – Spurz, for £15m between them. Drillo has reportedly put a £20m price tag on Cort alone, and I doubt that Hartson will go for much less (and given CC’s recent comments and the fact that JH has been at the top level before and dropped down). The NOTW reckon that we’ve offered Marcus Gayle and Michael Hughes to Spurz instead, though I think even the Yids have wised up with that. Speaking of JH, he’s been widely praised this week, which is always disconcerting. He has said this about the transfer speculation: “I am happy with the way things are going and I am playing well. I am just going to take each game at a time and hopefully I can repay the money this club paid for me.” Now, isn’t it funny that we get him on the right track again and suddenly everyone expects us to sell him?

Eyal Berkovic has “angrily” denied calling West Ham racist, though I think that could be more due to the threat of legal action from the Upton Park club rather than anything the Israeli ever said. For those following the West Ham slanderfest on Odds, this may prove once and for all SW19’s point that West Ham treated JH and Berkovic badly, and both players are better off at their current employers (JH certainly)