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Holiday villa

So, Black Sabbath Central 1 Wombles 1, and though the headlines will doubtless masturbate over Carbone, this was not really a bad performance.

OK, we weren’t actually that brilliant – we defended way too much for my liking, and seemed to give the ball away more often than not but consider these facts: Villa haven’t lost at home this season. We are going through one of those “transitional” periods that every team has. We had Marcus Gayle playing. That is why I’m satisfied with the performance today.

Remember, in previous seasons we would (and did) lose these sort of matches with these sort of performances, so it’s a step in the right direction. Looking the part was Hermann, who looks like he has the skill of John Scales together with the solidity of Andy Thorn at his peak. Dry Martini made his debut as sub, and will look the part as well, he seems to have a bit of the Ainsworth about him, hopefully without the groin problems.

Didn’t think much of Gayle, or Euell, and Hartson didn’t look as good as previous outings, though bearing in mind he was yet again having to do the vast majority of work up front, it wasn’t really that surprising. Oh yeah, we failed to keep a clean sheet yet again, but considering we’re only letting in 1-2 goals a game instead of the 3-4 that we used to, we shall keep a clean sheet this side of 2000. So, don’t get disheartened by todays performance, just bask in the result and just think how much further we’ve gone since the wastelands of the last two years.

Meanwhile, an un-named source has given the Dumbest Rumour Of The Year – 90s pop sensation (it says here), Chesney Hawkes, is wanting to buy SH’s stake in the club. Hawkes has made about £17m from the stock market since his fledging pop career nosedived diversified, and his lawyer claims that the spotted one is a great admirer of WFC and the way we’re run. Actually, it’s easy to sneer, and this report is probably a load of BS, but if Mr Hawkes can make £17m by having just one song, just imagine what he could do with WFC.