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In the fiction section?

And you only thought it was women who got scorned…….

Looks like Our Greatest Ever Manager is going to publish his memoirs in early 2000, about his life and times with us. This has absolutely got nothing to do whatsover with the fact that the promised Golden Handshake he was due to get at the end of last season hasn’t actually materialised yet.

Subsequently, JK’s lawyers and WFC are in negotiations about this, then he’ll release his book. So in other words, he wants to screw the club for something like £1m, then he’s going to do a Kiss-N-Tell type book, shafting us all up? Yeah, that figures…..actually, we don’t really know what he’s written.

I will imagine though that the book will contain quite a bit about Spurz, his time at Doncaster and in Nepal, his dealings with WFC and of course his ticker going. I also expect him to subtly undermine Drillo for breaking up “his” bunch of disinterested losers well oiled machine, and I fully expect the muppets to drool sheep-like over his every word.

What I do not expect is some honesty about the Dublin thing. And this I think will cause SH to turn against him : as we’ve said here before on SW19, the main benefactor of the Dublin move would have been JK, because he stood to gain the most out of it. True, SH was probably involved, but I think our Guvnor (sorry, I can’t see SH running a pub somehow) now realises his mistake in doing it.

Now, will JK come clean about it, risking his (laughable) deity status at WFC? Or will he put the “credit” for the move on SH? Or, of course, will he ignore it altogether? I can’t wait to see the reasons that got him POed at the Barnsley match, honest I can’t. I fully expect a whitewash from this book, and no I probably won’t buy it. Not unless somebody buys it for me anyway.