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Hammam speaks

At least one Wimbledon team knows how to win matches – the reserves beat Derby 3-1, goals from Wayne Gray, penalty from Walid and a goal from somebody else entirely after some excellent work by Dry Martini. Perhaps the most interesting part of the evening – apart from abusing some Derby fans who were total and utter nobs – was meeting SH before the game. Here’s some things we got out of him:

Buying Generic Ambien Online – There is, regretfully, nowhere in Merton for a new stadium. Although he loves the Prince George playing fields, a 15 min walk from SW19 Towers, he blames the council for “never” giving us the site ever. Forgot to ask him about the site being used for our new Academy, but even if they bung a 2,000 seater on the Raynes Park Vale site and use that for the reserve games, that would be most acceptable to most of us. Interestingly, he noted that for a new stadium, there needs to be very good motorway links. No, I’m not thinking anything, honest.

– Sully’s contract problems are not about money. It’s about winning things. Which may well be a good indication that he’ll stay. Think about it, supposing we got into Europe next year (yes, supposing), or had a very good league position, Sully wouldn’t need to go anywhere. And apart from Man U, I can’t really see many “big” clubs going in for him.

– He lists his “must keep” players as JH, Carl Cort, Jason Euell, Maggie, KC, and – barring contract problems – Sully. He also noted that he was very impressed by our new intake – especially Hermann – and reckons that if they’re as good as the six players mentioned previously, we will be one helluva team. Indeed, SH likened Hermann to Eric Young, and that’s one complement if ever I saw one – Of course, there is some bad news, and this is it: we’re in pretty nasty debt at the moment, and we need to sell some players PDQ. Who, I don’t know, but my feeling is that like Drillo, SH wants to get shot of the “lesser” players. Sadly, who would want to buy a bunch of disinterested donkeys? Bearing in mind Palace have a transfer embargo?

– Speaking of our esteemed landlords, their problems are even worse than first thought. They have debts of not £1.5m or so, as stated, but nearer £3m. And their much vaunted consortium have pulled out. Owch. So, what does this mean? To be honest, does anyone really know? Assuming that CP went bust, that would put us in a prime position to buy it, right? Except that Ron Noades may not want to sell it to us, AND could we really afford it anyway? (before someone says “Norwegian investors”, SH prefers to run the club “on it’s own two feet”, which is fair enough) And he wasn’t mentioning of SP tonight either – maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye? Or of course, Ron Noades may sell up SP to Sainsbury, leaving us with……….well, I may have an idea, but then I may not. Just think of what SH thinks where a stadium should go…..