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Reserve judgement

The reserves lost 3-1 last night to Charlton, though apparently Kjetil played quite well and so did Jon Goodman. I didn’t go, but Paul from It Must Be Dons did, he reports that SH will NOT sell JH. He does reckon that Ardley will end up at Charlton and Elvis will find himself at QPR. Michael Hughes is reportedly back in favour, presumably because nobody would come in for him.

Got hold of a copy of Palace Echo today (no, I didn’t buy it), and it’s pretty interesting stuff. Most of it was written before their consortium pulled out, and they call us “parasites” (still, they have progressed from calling us squatters) etc, but get this : they are/were considering leaving SP for either the athletics stadium or – wait for it – Gatwick. Where we should go. Now, this may be BS, or it may not happen now because they are in severe shit, but this could have meant either we bought SP (heave) or we did a permanent groundshare thing with CP at Gatwick, a la San Siro. Sounds promising? OK, it may not be fully “ours” but if groundsharing really is our only way forward, far be it in a nice new stadium in a far more accessible area than in THEIR ground.

Oh, and Spurz lost 2-0 in Kaiserslauten to go out of the UEFA cup, thanks to two goals in the 90th minute. One an own goal. Which means they’re out of Europe. Thanks to two goals in the last minute. No I’m not enjoying this, honest……well, only a little. And West Ham are out as well, shame……..