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This and that

Can’t wait until Saturday, maybe I’ll have something to write about then 🙂 Anyway, Michael Hughes is a bit unsure about his position at WFC, saying that Drillo isn’t playing him. Two things : one, as it stands, we’re playing well enough without him. And two, perhaps in future if he doesn’t feign injuries, that might enhance his chances…..

West Ham have been allowed to redevelop Upton Park to 40,000 (no, we’re not jealous. Honest). Part of the deal is to employ local people. Now, you can look at this one of two ways – firstly, an insular area like the East End shouldn’t have any problem in recruiting locals, and bearing in mind it’s mainly a PR stunt by Newham Council it won’t exactly shatter the earth round there. Secondly, given the reputation of East End labourers, isn’t this really a good idea? Think about it, by the time it’s built, the wiring will short, the plumbing will syphon, and the plastering in the concourse will need to be done again by a bloke down Stratford, cos he’s an expert at these things, innit…..