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Michael Hughes has virtually made it clear that he wants to leave. He doesn’t fit in, he says, with the clubs style of play, which is actually true because he didn’t half slow down some moves when he did play. I can imagine the letters of hate being constructed from the muppet’s crayons even as we speak….

Speaking of which, VG report that Drillo had some pretty nasty threatening letters from some militant muppets after the Sheff Weds debacle. Obviously he knew it was going to be hard, but I don’t think that such abuse would come that quickly. Now, SW19 considers that match as the low point of the season (and maybe even the turning point), not just because of the performance but of the attitude and comments of some of the less intelligent members of the WFC fraternity. Thankfully, I don’t think we’ve lost since then, and have played some pretty good games after that, in no small part to Drillo getting it all together and the players realising that they don’t have the ultimate power. Hopefully the muppets who crayoned such shit have eaten their words by now, though I’m rather more hoping that they choke on their own vomit.

Meanwhile, across the Irish sea, some O’Muppets want the head of Mick McCarthy, and guess who they want? Yup, Our Greatest Ever Manager. Now, while a part time job would give JK some much needed free time to get slaughtered every night (and a bit of face saving as well), I find two major faults with this. One, Eire not qualifying for E2000 was more to do with an ageing strikeforce and a defence that couldn’t concentrate more than anything else. Secondly, who were “our” main allies when Dublin went on? The Football Association of Ireland, who have the power to sack McCarthy and employ JK. And I don’t think Bernard O’Byrne’s memory is that short….