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Foxtrot Oscar Published by Purchasing Tramadol Overnight REPD on 20 November 1999 DAMN. Alliance and Leicester 2 Coutts 1, a game that could have gone either way, except they could finish and we couldn’t. The weird thing is, despite the 10 place difference between us and them, we were only really second best in our finishing. Of course, the old problems of lack of concentration (first goal) and Dean Blackwell (second goal) don’t help either, but at least the system is OK now. Good games for Kimble, Gayle (though he wasn’t really tracking back often enough), Trond and Herman. Both Euell and Cort were absolutely shocking, Euell especially. I don’t think I can remember when Euell actually kept possession in the whole 90 minutes, so maybe Walid should make a bow. This isn’t a performance to get worried about too much, certainly not like Sheff Wed, but it proves that it’s not all going to come together at once – we’re getting there, but we still have some way to go yet.