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Michael Hughes has now been linked with Charlton. Expect a sizeable number of WFC ST holders to suddenly realise that they’ve really been lifelong Addicts fans.

Turns out Gareth “BUPA” Ainsworth is out again, apparently a groin strain yet again. Jesuz fucking christ, he’s fast turning into our version of Darren Anderton. Though hopefully without the slight veering towards scat magazines.

Speaking of shit, Ian Walker (the Spurz goalkeeper and all round mental retard) is in trouble with the fuzz because he gobbed at Soton fans on Saturday. Presumably Walker was acting like he usually does and someone took his dolly away. Dear dear. He denies it all, of course, much as he tries to pretend that him posing in Playgirl wasn’t to attract the attention of Graham Le Saux. I suppose now his mum’s dead he can act how he wants…..

In case you didn’t know, we’ve drawn Barnsley in the FA Cup third round. So we meet Harry yet again – or will we? He’s reportedly been linked with the Blackburn job, though as JK is in the running as well there’s no point in anyone else turning up……. We are guaranteed a really toilet attendance for this, and already illiterates like F365 are claiming that he’s coming back to his old stomping ground (quick note: Wimbledon did not actually start playing at SP until 1991). Ho hum, expect a rather dull 1-0 home victory for us.

Some people are questioning why Drillo singled out Dean Blackwell for letting in the second goal against Leicester on Saturday. They say it’s unprofessional of him, though Drillo does seem to be a lot more upfront than most managers. Well, more power to him I say. Too many crap performances have come because managers are frightened of getting slapped down by the LMA and the PFA. Hell, if Blackwell doesn’t like being slagged off, perhaps he could try not fucking up quite so much…….speaking of Blackadder the Turd, there are as yet unsubstanciated rumours that he’s a bit of a shit stirrer, doesn’t like all the foreigners coming in etc, and has decided to demonstrate all the subtle skill and panache in his movement as someone having a bad trip on Ecstacy (hey, could that be a reason?). Pity he doesn’t actually realise that to play badly in a game could hasten your departure quicker than you can say “stand on your feet”.

And finally, Hermann is a new daddy. His wife gave birth to a kid – well, what else would it be? – and he’s well happy. I expect things to change from now on in the Hredesson household : while he’s doing all the puffin, his wife will be doing all the blowing (sorry……)