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Pre Boro stuff

Wonderful – apparently we may be without three defenders against Cesspit FC – KC and Thatch haven’t been training this week, though none have been ruled out. The thing is though, whilst in the past 3 years this would have sent me for the prozac this time I’m not so worried as previous – why? Because we have Wilmott and Waehler in reserve, Trond can always come in at Centre Back which only really leaves Jupp as the shit one in defence. Let’s hope that KC is fit certainly.

Reserves lost 3-2 to the Arse, despite being 2-0 up. So they’re becoming like the first team more and more.

Michael “I’m not really injured. Oh yes I am” Hughes has now employed loads of agents to get him away from WFC. Isn’t his “hellbent” departure a bit like his on-field play? You know, promises a lot, runs a little then stops, checks and we lose it again? Anyway, do we really need him? We have Ainsworth who I reckon is far better (when fit), we have Andresen who’s supposed to be shit hot, and of course Walid. And I doubt if Hughes would really go above any of them.