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Time tees Published by REPD on 27 November 1999 Just got back, so I’ll give you a little update tonight and (try and) put some meat on tomorrow. How the fuck it ended North East Festering Sore 0 Pleasant London Suburb 0 I will never know. I can’t remember for a long time when we dominated so much away from home yet still didn’t win. Carl Cort missed from 4mm out, Boro looked exactly like a team which looked like they’re going to lose the next match 5-1 (against Arsenil in the WC, how nice), and us wondering how unlucky we felt. Our defence looked solid, just as solid as Leeds and another clean sheet too, thanks in no small part whatsoever to Drillo dropping Blackadder (is he finished?). Attack wise, we did look like we miss JH certainly, though the re-emerging (and re-habilitated) Michael Hughes came on and looked useful. Overall, I should really be happy with a point, but I think it’s proved how far we’ve come when we are disappointed greatly with a 0-0 there.

Ordering Tramadol Online Uk The optimism is shared by Drillo, who saw many positive things today. He did admit that he was disappointed, and he said of Carl Cort’s miss that “sometimes, they don’t go in”. If we can keep this up for Tuesday and beyond, Huddersfield won’t want to turn up Tuesday………….

For those stuck down in the smoke (as opposed to those of us who went up into the smog), XFM covered the match (very well, apparently). They did make one interesting comment that JK was still involved behind the scenes at WFC. Very unusual, when a man walks out as manager and is still involved. Anyway, I’m sure that he’s employed by Drillo to consume vast quantities of alcohol, after all he’s not too keen on the players having it.

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