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Are the Norwegian owners starting to excert their authority finally? Two little stories that may point to this. Firstly, Roekke has “let slip” that we’ve got a shortfall of £15m from transfers, which has POed SH a bit (he says that such figures shouldn’t be made public). This is purely through transfers, and won’t be quite such a big deal as it seems. The other thing concerns a comment made by Jan Petter Storetvedt, Wyndmore’s day-to-day boss, and is a glimmer of hope:

“We must find a new stadium for Wimbledon. The contract with Selhurst Park expires in 5,5 years”.

Are the Norges getting a tinsy winsy bit fed up with SH’s apparent lack of ability or interest in finding a new site? Apparently the dough is there, just not the site : and given SH’s bridge burning in the past with Merton Council, who’s to say that the owners will start picking up the ground mantle? Remember, they ploughed money into Molde’s new stadium, I guess they won’t be happy with sharing a first division stadium, let alone buying one……

Confusion reigns with Steve Allen. Apparently, he is still at WFC, though it could well be his appearance at the training ground was a case of collecting your belongings. The best way to find out is tomorrow at Huddersfield, so we can see whether or not his absence on Saturday was down to the pollutants at Middlesbrough.

Northumberland police have reported Diver Ginola and Sherwood Forest to the FA over gesticulations made at the Newk vs Spurz match on Sunday. Now, given the Newk polices’ criteria for offensive gestures (ie having a southern accent is an arrestable offence in Newcastle), this could be a little harsh, but on the other hand, Ginola and Sherwood have been deserving it for years. Let’s hope the right result comes about.