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Milk udders

More Norwegian influence at the expense of the “old guard” – Wyndmore are due to put in Svein Bakke (father of Leeds player Erik) as a sort of “troubleshooter”, for lack of a better word.

Basically, Wyndmore want to “re-organise” the club, and until now they haven’t had the resources to do so (which is where Svein Bakke comes in). Now, does this mean that the whole of the admin side will be examined from top to bottom? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did – witness this quote from Bakke: “we will have to look at how people are placed and how the further organization will become” – meaning that Wyndmore clearly aren’t happy with the general organisation of the club .

One of the major complaints about WFC in the past – not just from here but from a lot of none-too-passive Wombles as well, is that the admin side of WFC is pretty lame – lack of organisation and inspiration spring to mind here – so we may see some old faces being turfed out . Compare us to other clubs and once the “homely” novelty tag wears off we find that we can’t hold a candle to most other clubs. Here’s hoping that things are much better organised, I shudder to think how much damage such ineptitude has cost us.

Now onto real matters, and where to start? Try Last Of The Summer Wine 1 First Of The Youngs’ London Lager 2, and moves today are being made to rename WFC to Kimbledon. Our left back’s metamorphis from journeyman to all round superstar can probably be attributed to what KC said – “ever since Drillo put Ben Thatcher at left-back, he (Kimble) has regained his place and is determined not to lose it again”. So you see, a hungry player, which is what we need.

The papers are of course full of the Huddersfield penalty claims in the 90th minute that wasn’t given, and yes, it was a penalty, but then you could argue that Walid should have got a goal with his double post header (have you ever seen anything like that from open play? Ever?), or you could start pushing your luck a little by saying Earle’s strike on Saturday was onside, or we should be higher up in the table than we are because of some right iffy penalties etc etc, so it’s nothing new.

Anyway, it now transpires that Huddersfield are considering taking legal action against the Football League “in lost revenue” because of that decision. Eh? I sincerely hope that this is laughed out of court, because if it isn’t, then football will become bankrupt within a week. I can only assume they’re doing this because Steve Bruce used to play for Man U, and was used to getting everything his own way. Get real, you wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the Premiership.

Bit concerned that if we did get to Wemberley that Dean Blackwell will be our main centre back, because of Herman’s cup-tied status – he might have a good game if that was the case, but in truth the guy scares the fuck out of me. Nice to see Euell back scoring again, Cort is looking a little bit suspect at the moment, could his early season promise be slipping away into mediocrity? Hope not, what would THAT do to his value? And need I mention Alan Kimble’s goal…………………?

Steve Allen wasn’t there yesterday, well I didn’t see him up there anyway. I assume that his rumoured departure is legit then.

Another player back in the frame is one Michael Hughes, who looked pretty useful yesterday. The fact that a £3m price tag has been put on his head – better than the £1.5m quoted anyway – means that he’ll either stay and fight for his place, or if he decides to leave somebody will need to stump up the dough. And it seems no club wants to do that. Also looking pretty useful is Dry Martini, he reminds me of Gareth Ainsworth. Though for the female Womble sect, it is hoped that he doesn’t obtain Wild Thang’s penchant for groin injuries. Not ones obtained on the football field anyway.

And guess what – it’s Bolton away. Not the venue we really wanted, although I think getting to Greater Manchester is easier than getting to SP. The format is pretty stupid I think, because it takes the “fun” out of finding out who you’ll get next (which, let’s face it, is half the reason why cups are so great). Besides, why fiddle the draw so we’d get Bolton?