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Oh dear, looks like the anti-WFC bullshit machine is in full effect once again. The story goes that KIR has decided that we need £2m to cover a shortfall. Fair enough. Then we need to sell a few players to get that £2m back. Also fair enough. Now it transpires that KIR is prepared to sell our Famous Five (ie KC, Thatch, JH, Euell and Cort) to get that £2m. Er, did KIR actually say that?

Anyway, rumours are flying about that because of this made up story revelation, and the fact that we’re going Bakke to the future (sorry), SH is being thrown out, and his leaving obituaries (with heavy doses of cliche to boot) are already being written. The fact that this is an “exclusive” from the Evil Substandard, written by notorious shit-stirrer/shit-stabber Spurz fan Simon Greenberg should make us all think again, but of course there will always be some who are taking this story as read.

Here’s the craic : It is known that we need some transfer funds, indeed it was said not so long ago by Drillo that the fringe players are to be trimmed (and we are aware that the sale of a couple of them will net us the £2m needed). KIR is not stupid – he knows that by selling any of the Famous Five will put us in shit, and you don’t build up a company like AkerRG (or whatever his company’s called) by not knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

What’s in “our” favour here is that Drillo will most probably have more influence over KIR than SH, bearing in mind that Drillo is Wyndmore’s “man”. And I don’t think our welly-wearing leader will be too keen to see any of our top players go, not when we could easily get this shortfall back by selling Andy Roberts or Blackadder. So try not to read much into this, I think the Substandard are concerned that we’re not too many places behind their wank fantasies….

One little bit irritating thing about this was SH’s apparent over-reaction to this, when interviewed at the training ground. Although he did say that KIR was a good man and knew what he was doing, to “challenge” him whether he loves WFC or not is playing to the gallery a little bit too much for WFC’s good. So what if he’s not the greatest supporter of the club? Was Ron Noades? Yeah, he did leave us in the shit a little bit in 1981, but who put the money up in 1977 so we could enjoy the league placing we now take for granted (and against the wishes of many of its board members as well)?

I can imagine that SH is a little peeved that he’s not the 100% controller anymore, but then if you sell 80% of your shares for (presumably) a bit of financial gain, you will find yourself being over-ruled like this from time to time. Maybe SH is trying to have it both ways? If so, for someone involved with running WFC for nearly 20 years, that is sheer naeivity. Or greed.

Seems as though Wimbledon has become the Old Kent Road at closing time tonight – Marcus Gayle has “challenged” Neil Sullivan to stay at WFC. If Sully wants to go, let’s cash in on him : we need the money (as pointed out above), and it’s more than likely he’ll go in the summer anyway. True, it’ll be nice if he stayed, but in the real world, he ain’t gonna stay much longer if he’s not in Europe with us by August.

Onto the football side of things : KC could be out tomorrow, so in his place may well come either Chris Wilmott or Kjetil. It seems blatant that Drillo doesn’t want to play Blackadder unless he has to, so it could well be Kimble, Hermann, Thatcher, and Kjetil at RB (one of his best positions, apparently). JH is back, thankfully, and maybe Michael Hughes will start?