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Getting the horn

Well bugger me – Hard Ons 5 Horns 0, and the promised stuffing has happened. Except, rather perversely, we didn’t actually play that well for about the first hour and indeed could have been something like 2-2 at half time.

Still, Watford were pretty inept, indeed I reckon they were one of the worst Premiership teams I have seen for a long while (and I include Swindon in that). You will probably see the goals by the time you read this, although I still reckon that JH’s one was handball 🙂 Good to see five different scorers, I was getting worried that only JH knew where the onion bag was.

Of course, the main topic of the papers tomorrow will doubtlessly be the boardroom “discussions” between KIR and SH. I go into this into a lot more gory detail in “Odds”, but I will add something else here : what purpose does it have for SH to be acting like he is at the moment? After the fifth goal, he was down on the touchline, giving it large etc, which must be a first.

After the game, he was giving one of his prose-type interviews, saying that KIR must learn to love the club, or leave it. He also says he will never walk away from WFC, despite telling most fans for the last 18 months that he will soon quit. But as it stands, he’s created a rather nasty public split in the club.

We can probably guess that KIR will be at WFC when SH goes, yet if he’s cast as the “bad guy” in all of this, we could find ourselves in the same situation as Man Shitty found themselves in where they went through owners like underpants because the fans were so quick to turn against them (meaning, if KIR was to be forced out because SH told the fans to turn against him, who would buy the club then? I doubt if SH could afford to buy it back). Who knows what the last two days has done to WFC.

One thing, when Drillo was asked about all this, he said something to the press that he hoped it would all get sorted out, and that the owners wouldn’t sell the players (despite he admitting that he is in effect more or less powerless to do anything). Perhaps if Drillo puts his foot (welly?) down, then all this will be irrelevant anyway – remember, KIR is not the sort of businessman to sell his best assets, he’ll only sell what isn’t performing, and tonight the whole of WFC is performing good

Your super soaraway Sun has reportedly launched a “Save Our Sam” (as in Hammam) campaign. This I presume is because if he went, the Sun would lose one of their regular rent-a-quotes as opposed to doing WFC any real good. Once again, I think this is yet another case of the press telling us what is good for WFC, as opposed to what is really good for WFC. Remember the anti-Drillo stuff? I hope nobody gets involved in the SOS (Sack Of Shite), but given the actions of some of the supporters after the Wednesday match, nothing would surprise me…….