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It’s all kicking off Published by REPD on 5 December 1999 More fun and games, but first, let’s remember that we won 5-0 yesterday. Drillo reckons we were “lucky”. I’d like to see us when we aren’t. Still, it’s actually good management to (slightly) question how well we played yesterday – think that it’s designed purely to keep our heads on the ground. Well, it’s certainly working.

Now onto the main topic of conversation. An interesting comment made by the Daily Telegraph in their match report, which seems to have been overlooked (not deliberately, surely?). It goes something like this :

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Tramadol American Express “KIR is getting increasingly impatient with SH, and has ordered him to sort out the £3m deficit or make more positive moves to finding the club its own ground”. Go on, explain THAT one away 🙂 Seriously, the comments made here shows that it’s not just SW19 noticing that SH is being somewhat uninterested in finding a new site : the necessity of finding a new site has been mentioned in the past week by Petter Storestvedt, and seems to have been further substanciated by this latest development. Who knows, maybe this whole sorry episode will end with the end of the horrible journey to Selhurst. My money is still on Gatwick. Not too sure how true this is, but SH claims that if Roekke doesn’t do what SH wants, he will find some big City financiers and buy out Wyndmore. I assume that SH will need to find about 500 financiers, all holding 0.0005% of the shares each (non-voting of course) so that SH will get 100% control again. And besides, none of them would be interested in making money out of WFC. Definitely not.

KIR is set to go to the Barnsley match Saturday after being in London to sort this debacle out. Given our usual standard of cup games at SP, I’ll be surprised if he still wants to go to another match come this time next week.

And guess who’s put his $0.02 worth in all of this. None other than JK, who as you all know kept us free from relegation for 27 years and never sold any of our players. So, what’s he got to say for himself?

“The Norwegians are obviously not interested in football. They are only interested in making money by selling the club’s best players”

Tramadol Online Cod 180 So being the main business mover behind uprooting a football club to a foreign country was nothing to do with making money, eh Joe? Maybe the Guinness rotted his memory, dearie me. Anyway, Our Greatest Ever Manager continues: “I spent eight years building that team and I can see it all going up in smoke”

Right, so, let’s see what fabulous legacy JK left us…….oh come on, stop laughing. Thankfully, now that Drillo is on the right track, JK is fast becoming a distant memory (indeed, someone yesterday said “Joe who?”), so really I think he shouldn’t be taken seriously. Mind you, now we know what he really thinks of his employers since 1997, it does add credence to the rumours flying about that JK was solely responsible for a certain Spurz midfielder leaving WFC because he wasn’t too keen on his nationality……..

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