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Bakke bacon, continued

Hopefully, this whole debacle is as good as finished (for now at least). Allow Jan Petter to answer:

“I can say that we do not want to sell the club’s best players. There is no sense in that and there is no pressure to do that.
“There has been a big misunderstanding. We have spoken to Sam today and I think we have dealt with his fears.
“He thought there was more significance in the arrival of Bakke then there actually is
“It is true we may sell fringe players but Egil Olsen has wanted to do that for a long time. There is no-one better than Sam at getting good deals for them. We are sorry so much has been misunderstood. It is business as normal and Sam knows that now. There is no boardroom battle.”

So, now what? The ball is in SH’s court now – does he still want to go ahead and find a “joint owner” to help buy back WFC? The Norges still want him, but does he want the Norges? This thing clearly has power struggle letrasetted all over it, the thing is now that SH has practically been outmanoevered. If the major reason for SH wanting power back was to stop the sale of the Famous Five (a bit of a dodgy assumption to make anyway) then that question has seemingly been answered. Effectively, SH could come back to being a director again, if in power and authority only. One thing, this will hopefully stop the Sack Of Shite campaign.

Meanwhile, this wins the award for the most stupid rumour of the week : Dean Blackwell to Arsenal for £3m, to replace Steve Upson. No, really………