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Tramadol Online India Published by REPD on 8 December 1999 Is peace breaking out at WFC? Get Bakke met with SH this morning, and called him a “lovely man”. Didn’t think that you could get jetlag flying from Norway to London….. anyway, from what I gather, it could make at least one little bit of “Norsemen Of The Apocalypse” redundant – Bakke probably won’t be there to take over the day to day running of the club (though this does not necessarily mean that SH will remain in charge of the good ship Dons). All he does is see what needs to be done. And this is where civil war could break out. If Bakke decided, say, that we needed a totally new marketing department, and gave Sharon the elbow, one man who will be very upset is David Barnard, who sees Sharon as his protige (so I am led to believe). And we can imagine that if Barney gets upset, so will SH (who’s current mental state over all of this is openly being called into question).

Now, SH has seemingly gone out of his way to undermine Bakke already, even though it now seems clearer and clearer that he’s only here as an external “troubleshooter” (this happens a lot in big companies, and the fact there is so much distrust about this guy could be down to sheer lack of business understanding than anything else). This asks the question, if Bakke says that he’s here temporarily, why is SH so upset, and resorting to personal abuse? Because he knows that something is wrong at WFC? Who knows? Of course, the media are wanking over this : the Sun is causing many people extreme nausea by claiming that “we won it for SH”. Bollocks – SH has not “won” anything, but there is a loser in WFC as a whole. The reason I despised the Sack Of Shite campaign was because it was encouraging a “split” in WFC, in essence creating a SH vs KIR battle, Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark, Ozzy Osbourne vs Ronnie James Dio, that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, people are starting to side with SH at the “expense” of KIR, I say “unfortunately” because now I genuinely believe the club will find it difficult to progress without some people openly questioning KIR (and subsequently thinking “oh, SH is doing it therefore it must be right”). I made this point right at the start and I’ll make it again (because it seems quite apt) – ignore the scare stories about Roekke not financing a new stadium (would any sensible person put money into WFC at the moment?) : if he was to announce in the next year that he was going to fund a new stadium in a better area and away from SP, how many people would treat it with suspicion? See my point? Likewise, if SH is now seen as the man who can do no wrong, what’s to stop him using this new found public sympathy to try and justify buying SP? Maybe this is SH’s real motive behind it all? Hell, it’s just as feasible as some of the stuff I’ve heard recently (new rumour: the orders to sell JH et all was put in writing. Were these players mentioned by name, or was it one of those strangely worded documents open to interpretation?) The poor sod caught up in the middle of all this is one E. Olsen, and he’s now trying to act the peacemaker in all this. Whilst he normally doesn’t get involved in this sort of stuff, he feels he has to step in and just get this all sorted. I still find it hard to believe that KIR wouldn’t listen to him, and the fact that Drillo is probably in contact most with Jan Peter Storesdvedt (KIR’s “mouthpiece”) says more than 100,000 rumours cobbled together. Interesting point raised on “Reservoir Dons” – could SH’s “joint partner” be Ron Noades? That will raise KIR’s popularity no end……….

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The reserves were playing tonight against Spurz. I forgot all about it actually, but then I am still ill 🙂