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John Hurtson

Following on from yesterday’s piece in Odds, comes a report in today’s Daily Telegraph. Basically, KIR is denying that we will sell the FF to cover the £3m shortfall, which has come about because of the fact that we owe West Ham £3m because of JH. This sounds understandable, but the comment which puzzles me is this from Jan Petter Storetvedt :

“We have been aware of [the JH fee] and included it in our calculations”.

So KIR knows about it anyway. Doesn’t he? The Telegraph is confused as well, and indeed questions why Svein Bakke is in there as well. On the face of it, it all doesn’t make sense, but after re-reading what I wrote yesterday about what Ron Noades takes out of the club (it seems to be assumed that 25% of our gate receipts go to him now instead of the 100% that I thought it was, though that’s still over £1m from turnstiles alone which we’re losing to him), it seems to justify my feelings that our financial problems are much deeper than what SH openly lets on.

Now, the Telegraph is going further than most papers by figuring out what KIR thinks about all this – although no direct quotes are featured, it still makes interesting reading. Namely, they feel that WFC should be making a profit, which we haven’t done since we left Plough Lane (and doesn’t that tell you something?), but he refutes that he’s going against the Wimbledon ethos of doing things. More’s the pity, actually, the whole place needs a sort out.

Whilst it’s dangerous (and damaging) to speculate who’s going to go, if anyone, I think that the crunch time will come in the new year if Svein Bakke comes back – and given the tone of this report (and the Wimbledon Independent’s), it would not surprise me if he turned up at SE25 on Jan 4.

The final comment the Telegraph makes is this one : “given [KIR’s] track record in being successful in everything they do, seeing a club struggling for cash appears to be hurting”. Read inbetween the lines of that, and in layman’s terms, we ain’t making enough dough. SH always plans on WFC making a £0.5m loss each year, although that increasingly is becoming unacceptable to KIR (and it’s becoming blindingly obvious that we are losing more than £0.5m a year….).

So, is a change in strategy needed? Will this mean the selling of big name players? (the wage bill is too high, though I doubt that would really be enough to get us into profit). One thing, we are definitely finding out more about WFC now than we have for a long long time.

Back on the pitch, and it’s the Arse tomorrow, hopefully it won’t be another whitewash. All tickets are sold out, so don’t bother scalping. If anything, we stand a better chance of winning because most of their top players are out, and we only look likely to lose Maggie (Herman’s back). Now, with luck, JH, Carl Cort and Jason Euell will take their shooting boots tomorrow, if they do, we could well end out getting a 5-5 draw……

Reg Davis has reportedly banned the photographers who took pictures of our shite crowd against Barnsley. This sounds commendable, but I just can’t help feeling that his efforts will be better spent on trying to boost our crowds up rather than cheap points scoring. Yes, I am a sourpuss.

You can forget about us groundsharing in a brand new stadium with Brentford – although they’ve now much closer to a new site at Heston, they would rather share with QPR and a top rugby club (probably Wasps). So, bang goes THAT idea.

Guess what – JK doesn’t want the Portsmouth job after all (cue sighs of relief on the Hampshire coast). No doubt the obese one will feel that he should be managing Porto instead of Pompey, but the amount of jobs he’s reportedly “not interested” in makes me think that he’s maybe more interested in writing his book slagging us off. Either that or perhaps he’s finally twigged that he isn’t as good as the Substandard tell everyone he is….