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OK, it wasn’t particularly brilliant, but I’m not going to knock the outcome of Arsenil 1 Upthearse 1.

As far as performances go, this was probably one of our worst – we gave the ball away far too many times, we looked totally ineffective up front (on the rare occasions that we did pass the halfway line) and we rode lady luck so many times that she complained of having a sore arse. MOM was clearly Sullivan, for it was he who stopped it being yet another 5-1 drubbing in North London. Special mentions must go to Trond Andersen, Hermann and Dry Martini who all looked class. Andy Roberts had a good game, but the rest were just inept.

JH probably had his worst game for us, though considering that he was a) unable to train yesterday, and b) getting elbowed by the Arse defenders probably didn’t help his cause. KC and Alan Kimble were also below par, though they too have been suffering with knocks (roll on Xmas) Gayle was ineffective, though he did get taken off through injury, and I am becoming more and more convinced that Jason Euell and Carl Cort aren’t going to make it. Sorry, but they still look a bit gangly, and whenever they play against decent teams they are often found wanting.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment was Michael Hughes, who seems determined to keep the ball to himself too much at the expense of the team. For a man who’s supposed to be chomping at the bit, he got his chance and let it slip through his fingers. Dear oh dear, do Fulham still want him? Drillo admitted that we were lucky, though conceded that luck often gets you games you don’t deserve, and to be honest none of us could disagree. None the less, it shows just how much better a team we have become under Drillo, when we can go to a place like Highbury, put ourselves under pressure for 90% of the time and still come away without losing. If that’s the sort of results we get from playing badly, fuck help the team who we play when we’re playing well

Unfortunately, Highbury lived up to its library tag again, not helped by the fact that in our end, the singers were all dotted about, and surrounded by the Surrey CC brigade. Surely the time has come for special “singing” areas to be allocated? Or does non-spontaneous noise and atmosphere not count in the Brave New World of Premiership Soccer?

Actually, it’s almost become a vicious circle with WFC at the moment – we don’t take enough to most matches, but when we do most people are just content to sit there and complain when others try and make some effort. Perhaps a tier system ought to be used – kids (and parents) up the front, Surrey CC in the middle and the singers up the back. Logical, non?