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Cottage pie

So, Fulham it is then, and be honest, it was the one every single Womble wanted. Already, some of the “old guard” (of which I worked out I am one, worryingly) including some SP stayaways are making plans for that game, even those who don’t normally travel away want some. Somebody will doubtless mention that this will be a battle between two dodgy Arab businessmen, though I can’t recall SH ever taking somebody to court over libel (yet…..)

Speaking of which, Svein Bakke’s report is nearly done, and guess what – there’s nothing wrong with WFC. Basically, everyone works hard, and there’s nothing major in the actual day-to-day side of it that is a cause for alarm. Now, you may think that this is going to be the end of it, but I seriously doubt it. Wyndmore are going to look at it, and then they’re going to decide what they’re going to do from then on : and here’s where the fun and games will start.

If Wyndmore are happy with the running, then they could well decide to build on that and put more investment into the club, because they know it won’t be “wasted”, and who knows what Wyndmore have in mind (new stadium?). Remember, we are making a loss despite Bakke’s findings, and given what the Telegraph report alluded to last week, don’t think that Wyndmore are going to be content with a well-run but lossmaking subsidiary…… One thing about all of this, hopefully we will get a bit of sensibility from SH about the report. If he goes round to the Sun yelling that he’s “won” and acting like a total spasmo (as he did when Svein came in the first place), then I think that KIR will do a management buyout of a rather different kind…….

Worrying news from CPFC – there’s been a bit of a setback with the fans buyout (something like the directors have pulled out of the deal). And just when you thought our worst nightmare was over………