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Hart attack

Published by Order Tramadol Cod Online REPD on 27 December 1999 Eek – JH is out for about 2 months, thanks to a career-saving operation. Maybe I’m a bit too distrusting of what the club says. Oh well, this will probably explain why Wayne Gray has made his way from reserves onto the first team bench. Expect Carl Cort (when he’s free from flu, and not being stroppy as first thought) to be our main striker, with people like Andresen (again, a flu victim) making waves down the wings.

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Order Tramadol Cod Online Losing JH is a big blow, but as said yesterday, if it ensures that he is fit for many seasons to come, I’ll accept his absence now. A word about tomorrow at Liverpool : it’s the last game of the 20th century for WFC. The first game of the 20th century was against Croydon Wanderers, in the London Junior Cup (I think), Semi Final stage, won 1-0. A repeat of that scoreline tomorrow will do me. Coincidentally, around that time, we were doing pretty well, but having major difficulties trying to get ourselves our own ground – the more things change…… Tramadol Online Fast Delivery American Express Tramadol Order Tramadol India Tramadol Order Overnight Shipping Buy Cheapest Tramadol