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Well this isn’t how I envisaged the century to end – Bill Shankly and his boot room 3 Drillo and the welly wearers 1, and our luck finally ran out today. Unfortunately, the enforced absence showed just how badly JH is missed – I don’t think we really mustered anything on target and many, many people are querying exactly why Carl Leaburn is even playing for us (slander, I know, but on today’s performance I tend to agree).

Liverpool weren’t much better it had to be said, but they were actually capable of scoring, which was the main difference between the two teams. Our cause was helped by Maggie returning, but it was hindered with Kimble limping off nastily. Great, another injury…..

So, where do we go from here? By Drillo’s own admission, Carl Leaburn is a poor substitute for JH, so I would imagine he will need to temporarily change his formation in JH’s absence. I find it extremely hard to believe that we are supposed to have such a potent strikeforce, because frankly apart from our favourite record signing we’re pretty lightweight up front.

Cort and Euell? They only turn it on now and again, and are both way too inconsistent for my liking. New striker? Not with our current shortfall we ain’t. Wayne Gray? Too inexperienced and young for such a big responsibility. Ho hum, this next two months are going to be very long indeed…….