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Fuck, I HATE these times of the season where you don’t get any action whatsoever. Absolutely sweet FA has occured this last few days – nothing you haven’t already heard about already (Sully may be sold before the transfer deadline etc, that kind of thing). Wake me up when something good happens, otherwise I’ll have to start making up stories.

Coincidentally, JK has said in an Irish newspaper that he would actually like the Wimbledon job back. Speaking in the Irish Independent, he admits that leaving was a “bugbear” of his, he also thinks that Drillo’s new defensive tactics are not the “Wimbledon way”, and when Olsen leaves in two years time he may well reapply for the job. Though for that to happen, he says that SH would have to buy out KIR first. Somehow, I doubt it : firstly, even SH has admitted that the last two years under the Obese One have been shit. Secondly, I doubt if KIR will sell up. And thirdly, does JK have the heart for it (in more ways than one)? Personally, I think it’s a load of rubbish, especially as I’ve just made that story up (told you I was bored)