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Wu Tang

Looks like we may not need to go too far for a new striker after all – Patrick Agyemang, from E17 (the London postal district, not the dodgy band) went on the piss up to Gran Canaria, and impressed greatly, according to Lars. Though whether that meant his footballing skills were great or whether that meant that he could down 15 lagers and copulate with half the island’s womenfolk is open to debate.

He may well make his debut on Sunday against RacistScouse, time will tell whether we’ll see the new Michael Owen or the new Gerald Dobbs. That said, maybe Agyeman and Wayne Gray could be our next Cort and Euell. Well, hopefully without the lack of first touch 🙂

One more thing about Pat – he’s got a really difficult-to-chant surname. OK, so we manage with Hermann OK, but can you imagine singing Agyemang, My Lord, Agyemang to “Kum Ba Ya”? Well, I’d like to see them try.

Oh yeah – ignore what you read in the papers : Pat is ***NOT*** local – it takes 1 hour 10 minutes to get from SW19 to E17. I know because I’ve done it. By tube. Getting there by car takes even longer – especially as you have to go via Tottenham High Street (where they steal your hubcabs for drug money). Please don’t be fooled.

Nice to see the club is at its well-organised best. They call off the Forest reserve game at GGL, and what notice did they give those without access to the Internet? None. Not a sausage (I know because I was bloody well at the ground at 7, without any floodlights). Not even a “Sorry – waterlogged pitch” note on the door, even a hand-written job would have sufficed. Indeed, it was only a phone-call to a well positioned certain WFC uberwebmesiter that got me any info whatsoever. As one guy there put it – “Do they want any supporters?”. At times, I don’t think they really give a fuck…..