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Well, looks like the teams 5 day sojourn to Gran Canaria, for a training/relaxation/piss up seems to have gone down very well indeed – Lars reckons the team is all refreshed, and the team spirit is good. Now, people will play on that last bit and claim that the spirit went when JK left (well, David Buchan would, anyway).

But as we all know, the C***y G**g thing was (and still is) the most contrived thing going, and our success over the years was more down to hard work, professionalism and (dare I say it) a little bit of talent to boot. So when some brain dead twat keeps going on about the CG spirit as though it’s the only thing that has kept us going, just laugh at them.

More from the Man U sponsorship fiasco : apparently, Vodaphone want to sponsor them now. This after various airline companies have tried to put their tag on the shirts of the “World’s Greatest Football Club” (behind Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus, Boca Juniors etc etc). Funny though that since British Airways have tried to get themselves on the Old Trafford clubs’ shirt, they’ve recorded falling profits, suffered three separate engine failures and are now having to copy Virgin by introducing a Premium Economy service (which will only succeed in driving the cost-concious traveller onto other, less pompous airlines) – next time fly with Saudia or El Al, and switch your mobile to Cellnet…

That said, it’s pretty lousy if you’re a genuine Man U fan, all this commercialism – I wonder if they’ll actually have one sponsor next year? Think about it – Vodaphone for matches in the UK, Emirates for those matches in Dubai, BA for the Far East and Australia, Yahoo for the growing North American market……. jesuz, and we moan about having Tiny on our shirts.

It’s always good to see two enemies of ours having a cat fight. Martin O’Neil (the most irritating manager in the country behind Gordon Strachan) against Ken Bates (the most despicable owner in the country) having a name calling session. Why don’t we have a fight between the two. WWF style cage match in the middle of Wembley or the Millennium Stadium? Better still, make it a Japanese FMW style barbed wire cage match with explosions every 15 minutes. The winner is the last person with more than two pints of blood in his body. Well, it’s more likely to happen than Tyson vs Lewis.