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Sully boy, continued

Hey, I’ve just found a way of getting Sully to stay…. get this : if we keep up our lovely disciplinary record, and finish top or behind Man U in the Fair Play league, then we get into the UEFA Cup. Stupid isn’t it? Not that I’ll complain about a UEFA cup foray, though I would deep down rather qualify through actually winning something proper. I could think of plenty of places I’d like us to play at, most of them ending with “ia” in their name and requiring about 3 different visas to get in.

Admittedly, updating SW19 in downtown Tirana may be fun, and the club travel will take about 3 months to get there (no change there then) but if not putting in too many tackles means we get to taste what was rightfully earned by us in 1987 and 1988 then I’m all for it.