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Month: January 2000


Well, looks like the teams 5 day sojourn to Gran Canaria, for a training/relaxation/piss up seems to have gone down very well indeed – Lars … Read more

Sully boy

Looks like we may well be spared the indignimity of Sully playing for Celsi next season – he has, reportedly, said that he wants to … Read more

Scott Pissgerald

Seeing as though everyone else is reporting on the Mark Crossley story (I would prefer Dave Beasant back), SW19 shalln’t bother. However, what I will … Read more


Ever wonder why you bother campaigning to get a new ground sometimes? I do, and here’s why – it is alledged that we put in … Read more


Fuck, this is really really dull, this last couple of days. So here’s some feeble attempt at an update : Ben Thatcher ISN’T out for … Read more