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Ever wonder why you bother campaigning to get a new ground sometimes? I do, and here’s why – it is alledged that we put in a £14m bid for the SP freehold. This seems to contradict SH’s “reasoning” (coming back from Man U on the train, if you remember) that we would never get our own stadium because of price of land in London and yet he seemingly sees fit to put hard cash on the table for a place that will kill us stone dead.

Hmm… do you think the club wants a future? Witness the sub 5,000 turnout for the Barnsley game (which was greeted with WFC’s usual ostrich mentality of banning the cameramen rather than tackling the real problem), and then witness the 5,000 away turnout at Craven Cottage in the next round – only an idiot would want to settle in at SP permanently after something as blatantly obvious as that, and such attempts show SH to be exactly that – an idiot.

For the record, Palace have turned us down flat, which is good. My guess is that whoever buys CPFC won’t want us hanging about because (it is felt) we “ruin the pitch”. Well that and the fact that CP still fear us stealing half their support (which is actually contradictory to what we’ve experienced at WFC – we don’t seemed to have made that much of a dent on support in Croydon). It was alledged on a Palace site that KIR won’t back WFC if we did sell out to Sellout – maybe this is why SH is so hellbent on SP? Jesuz, I’m really feeling cynical tonight.

Whilst I’m on the subject of SH bashing (come on, even entertaining the thought of buying SP puts me in a foul anti-Hammam mood), Ceri Hughes has joined Efan Ekoku in slagging off our guvnor (sic) after leaving the club, accusing him of not playing him purely because of the money that Luton were owed had Ceri played 40 games.

Also, he did make a bit of a comment about our playing style, though it seemed to be aimed at SH rather than Drillo. Luton were especially pissed off because they’d could have done with the dough after coming out of receivership – maybe WFC thought that the signings of Chris Wilmott and Kelvin Davis were enough to get our 88 SF rivals out of trouble (seems unreal that Luton were going for three trophies and challenging us for 7th spot only 12 years ago…..). Shafting small clubs who need the money for relative peanuts? Maybe we have become a big club?

Speaking of big clubs – Man U may be linking up with British Airways for shirt sponsors, presumably so they don’t have to put some of their £500m profit towards airline costs. Those of us who have had the misfortune to travel with the World’s Favourite Airline (ha bloody ha) will no doubt notice the irony of that tie up.

Sully has now been linked to Glasgow Celtic, to replace Johnathon Gould. Guess that he does stand a 50% chance of getting into the Champions League next year then.