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Not so good, man Published by REPD on 26 January 2000 Jon Goodman, who was the “main” target in the double deal which took KC to WFC as well, has called it a day. Unfortunately, his knee is beyond repair, and it’s best for him if he doesn’t try and play again. It’s sad, not only because it was inevitable that it would happen, but because he was a guy who had a lot of that thing which many people have, called “potential”, and it’s a real shame that he was never able to fulfill it. Apart from being a good footballer, he was also a top bloke, often being seen in the Womble end at reserve games (Soton away springs to mind), and hopefully some other capacity within WFC can be found for him. Quick “nice one” to Tranmere, and especially John Aldridge. Why? Well, during the BBC’s “Clash Of The Titans” between us and Lpool in 1988, they did interview segments with some of the Liverpool team as well. Whilst Alan Hansen looked and sounded a right cunt (he seemed to find it impossible to accept that we’d actually beaten him), John Aldridge looked genuinely upset that he missed the penalty, and was man enough not to start slagging us off (after the programme, I actually felt sorry for the poor guy). Still, it’s nice that he’s going to Wembley again, just hope for Tranmere’s sake that he’s not called upon to take the penalties….
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