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Black and All Right Published by REPD on 22 January 2000

Wahey mon – Order Tramadol Cod Toffs 2 Toon 0, and whilst we didn’t exactly beat, gag, tie up, rape, strangle, garot, murder and dump Newk in a plastic bag on the hard shoulder of the M25, it was good enough for me, and with luck it will stop those ignorant bastards who think that we haven’t got an ounce of character left in the side anymore. True, we started off pretty shit, but we got better as the game went along – thankfully, Shearer was running about as fast as a dead tortoise and Ferguson spent more of his energy whinging at officials rather than attacking at goal, otherwise things could have been slightly different today. We welcomed back Gayle, and although I reckon he’s been shit most of this season (like REMBE), he certainly made a difference today.

Notable was Hermann, the MVP for today, and Trond, who shackled the “strongest strike force in the Premiership today” (c. Sky Sports, 2000) as effectively as I’ve seen for a long long time. Sadly, Carl Leaburn was notable as well, mainly for missing an absolute sitter, and being yanked off after 60 minutes. Whether he’s injured, or whether his painful lack of goalscoring acumen is coming to the fore, he looked awful. Predicably, he got booed off by some militant Wombles, which isn’t right, but in a way you can understand the frustration. Bet he’ll be gone by the Summer.

Tramadol 100Mg Online The goals? First goal, by the improving REMBE (perhaps he’s twigged that Drillo isn’t actually that bad a manager? Hopefully he’s wised up…), was a fluke and a half – knee to ball, and in (via the goalie dropping it). Kneesy does it – or does that mean he capped off a fine performance? Sorry. The second goal, by Gayle, was a textbook header from a cross – rather like Fash used to do in the days when he could run. All in all, a good performance, and did you know that the last game we lost at Palace’s ground was against Celsi in the last century?

Order Tramadol With Paypal Didn’t actually know this until this morning, but Ceri Hughes has left us for Pompey for £100,000. Shame, I thought he could have done well with us. Never mind – apparently he scored for them today. Ho hum

Order Tramadol Us To Us Also, put this in your diary – the West Ham away game has been moved to the Sunday, for Sky (check your programme to find out the date). Obviously, they’re hoping for a repeat of last years epic, though this time I would prefer it if we didn’t let in 3 goals….. Tramadol Cheapest Online Online Tramadol Cod Can You Order Tramadol Online