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Fuck, this is really really dull, this last couple of days. So here’s some feeble attempt at an update : Ben Thatcher ISN’T out for the rest of the season, and he could well be back within a month. So, looks like he really does want to start a fight with 75% of Wearside

Mick Harford reckons the confidence of the team is still high despite playing crap against Coventry, which is contary to what (some) people are suggesting. Whilst people may be criticising Drillo for saying that Coventry would win last week, his only crime was telling the truth. Fucking hell, what do people want, exactly? Had Drillo claimed that we would have won 5-0 last week, when it was quite clear to all and sundry that we can’t score goals, then he would have looked a total prick.

However, he said what he really felt, and is being called upon to quit by one or two retarded Wombles. Do us a favour, if you’re one of those people, and fuck off. Unless you really think that a change of manager is going to help us in our current predicament.

Interesting story from the local Wimbledon press – some gypos have taken up residence on the old ILEA site in Morden, which they use for local kids sports, and – despite a court order – they’ve got no intention of leaving. They’ve smashed up the changing rooms, making it impossible for people to use them.

Why am I telling you this? Because the ILEA site was a prime target for WFC not so long ago. Now, if they make it totally impossible to use it as a playing field, that means that in current economic climes they may well have to sell the site, and then who knows? (coincindentally, the Prince George Playing Fields in Raynes Park have also suffered vandalism to changing rooms and indeed the owners are considering selling up). Oh come on, what’s the harm in a bit of wishful thinking? It’s about as logical as a Premiership club buying up a first division ground many miles away and pretending that it’s where they’ve always played (er….)