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Sully boy

Tramadol Buy Europe Published by REPD on Coupon Code For Tramadol Online 29 January 2000

Looks like we may well be spared the indignimity of Sully playing for Celsi next season – he has, reportedly, said that he wants to go to Celtic next season – that’s the Glasgow version instead of the Staylbridge or Belfast version. A move to his homeland may probably be best for him – he will probably get into Europe with the Parkhead side next year, though he’ll probably have to settle for a UEFA cup sojourn.

Plus, unlike any of the English clubs he’s been touted with, he probably won’t be under quite so much scrutiny (think about it: if Sully drops a clanger at Man U, he’d get slaughtered and dropped a la Leighton. If he does the same at Celtic, he’ll get criticised but probably no more than he would with us), so overall it’ll probably be a good move. This does seem to contradict SH’s claim that Sully was “definitely” going to Arsenil though, although come the summer Sully can go where the fuck he likes without being told where to go (literally). Who knows, maybe we could arrange a friendly against a Sully-led Celtic side to commemerate the opening of the Carlton Fairweather Dome in Merton in a couple of years time? (yeah, I know……) Tramadol Online Cheap Tramadol Sales Online Tramadol Online Overnight Shipping