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Post Everton fallout

Some fallout from the Everton debacle (x2). Lots of people are worried about relegation, though the history books tell us that we are probably in a better position now than in previous years. The lack of “teem sprrt” is concerning many people, though again it’s not exactly a new problem – how many times have the current intake taken that “legendary” spirit of ours and only utilise it as and when they want to?

The anti-Leaburn stuff is picking up rather rapidly, opinon seems to be divided between those who love him and the 95% who think he should never play again for us. I think that the formers opinion seems to revolve around the fact that he scored two goals against Palace 2 years ago and therefore because of that he should be in the team all the time. Unfortunately, it’s loyalty to donkeys (sorry, but he is one) like Leaburn which partly ensures our current position. I really don’t think he should play again for us, I think I would prefer John Gayle back (now, there’s an idea……)

The main news revolves around Drillo – he was misquoted (yet again) saying that he’d quit in 18 months time. Which he’s had to deny again, and says that he’s very happy here (bet that will piss the muppets off). The other story is that he’s virtually admitted that Sully is up for sale now for £4.5m. Obviously he lost £0.5m off his value when he turned in a shocker yesterday. So, couple this with the sale of Carl Cort to Spurz and we’ll be rolling in it (probably).