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Roekke of ages

Things are really now – KIR has reportedly flown into London (I say “reportedly” because he does actually live in London) to meet with SH and – wait for it – Svein Bakke (yes, we thought SH had told him to piss off as well, obviously he’s staying longer than what SH would like). What they’re meeting about is anyones guess : some have suggested that KIR wants to put more money into WFC and allow Drillo to strengthen the club further.

Others suggest that he’s going to throw his weight around and demand that Sully and maybe (I am not using the term “hopefully”) Carl Cort are sold to balance the books. Nobody really knows, though I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. One thing, more and more people are accepting that players do need to be sold, and I thought of a rather good analogy today.

Just because we need to sell players doesn’t mean that we are in financial shit : think about it, most properly run companies (Tiny excepted) gets a budget for things like advertising, manufacturing, overheads etc. Just because the production side runs out of money doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole company is going to go bust.

I think that’s what’s happening at WFC – we have definitely overspent on transfers and logically speaking we need to sell to get that shortfall back. Nothing sinister. Besides, do you think the boss of United Airlines stays at home reading Dilbert whenever they need to buy a new 777? I think this KIR meeting is probably nothing extra-ordinary, though at least he’s taking an interest.

Still on the messy goings on behind the WFC scenes, I heard yesterday (totally forgot the source, sorry) that Uncle Ron Noades is reportedly very happy with the current arrangements regarding SP and has no desire for either us or CP to buy the freehold. I would imagine that SH is quite content with it as well (ever wondered why he has never made any firm committment to a new ground? Well, I think his relationship with Uncle Ron is just a little too cosy for our own good), but is KIR? As said many moons ago, do you really think somebody like KIR is willing to let WFC lose 25% of gate reciepts plus 100% of SP shop takings so readily?

We’ve been linked with some Belgian striker – Paas, I think his name is. I haven’t got the details to hand (yeah, I’m lazy), but it seems as though Paas’ current club need to lessen their wage bill and see his possible move to WFC as a good way to get some exposure for a possible big money move. He’s better than Leaburn, but then I’m better than Leaburn.

Reserves drew 1-1 with Palace yesterday (which is where I went last night, though the lack of update was more to do with the fact I made a detour to another well known WFC webmaster’s house). Wayne Gray scored in the second half which we (mostly) dominated. Oh yeah, it was fucking cold.

One final bit of site news – if all goes well (and I mean, if all goes well), you may be seeing many more pictures on SW19’s ARMY from Saturday onwards……..