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All you need is Lund

Aha – is this why KIR was having “crisis” talks yesterday? Andreas Lund, striker, Norwegian, good in the air, pretty strong, is coming to us for about £2.5m, providing that he’s fit enough (shouldn’t be a problem) and can agree personal terms. Now, although I’m never comfortable about this sort of talk before we actually sign a player, assuming he signs we have a good one on our hands. Well, anything’s got to be better than Leaburn and CC (on current form) – believe me, I don’t fancy facing the paedos with Bambi On Ice and the Concussed Tree up front.

So, who is this Andreas Lund? Who will be the first to call him by his cockney rhyming slang? According to Claes Thure Moberg (many thanks) :

“Andreas Lund is definitely a class player. He is competing with Solskjær (Man U) and Flo (Chelsea) regarding the top forward position of the Norwegian national team. Many sport journos say that he is better than those two and should be preferred. He will definitely strengthen the WFC side.

He is a typical Norwegian top forward – big, strong, heavy and extremely good headplayer, he is also a type of a player who creates chances out of nothing. “

Sounds like our sort of player. Although it is obvious he will be a replacement for JH, it will be interesting to see what role he plays when the Welsh Wizard does return – the two of them up front together (or however Drillo plays it) would scare the shit out of me.

Now, what of Andreas himself? A mercenary? Or a Drillo disciple? Well, let’s hear from the man himself :

“I know both the coaches and many of the players there as well, especially Trond (Andersen).”

Promising. He continues –

“It makes it all a lot easier because they know my strengths and I feel that I will fit into their style of play. I heard about the bid on Wednesday and I’ve had very little time to think about it. But, one of the first things that hit me was that it was very nice that Wimbledon were the club involved. “

I’m starting to like this guy a lot, and he hasn’t even signed for us yet. However, this is the quote that does it for me :

“I won’t take anything for granted as there is a long way to go before I can pose in a Dons shirt,” he said. “However, it is great for me to come to Wimbledon and Drillo. “

Is that cool or what? There are some senior players (including one very well known WFC player who seems to be the ringleader in all this “player power” shite, you know who I mean) who would never dream of saying that. For all the talk of the Norges not caring about WFC, if anything they seem to care the most. OK, so it’s mainly Drillo they come for, but as Drillo loves WFC his influence rubs off.

Now, the fallout here could be fun – only Monday this week, Drillo was saying how broke he was, but KIR (apparently) puts his hand in his pocket and pulled out his Lund (and doesn’t that sound rude?). Now, we will definitely have to sell somebody, and my feeling is Carl Cort. If it is true that Leeds has put a bid of £8m for him, get the money ASAP.

Not only will it sort out finances (yeah, I know that the Lund transfer has yet to go through, and if it does it will be a transaction between different Wyndmore subsidiaries) but it will also get us money from a player who has been described as “somebody who needs 10 chances before he can score”, to “Bambi on ice” to “somebody who needs to put on about 3 stone” (all actual quotes from WFC fans). I would seriously prefer Jason Euell to stay, he looks stronger and if anything he looks more consistent.

Otherwise, we could (and probably will) sell Sully before the transfer deadline. It is thought that Mark Crossley would come in as a stop-gap, though personally I think it may be better to put Heald in and blood Kelvin at a later date – I’ve never thought Healdy was a bad goalie anyway, true he never did as many spectacular saves as Sully, but then he didn’t seem to make too many howlers either, and he certainly didn’t fuck up consistently against Everton either 🙂

He doesn’t seem obsessed with the money either : you could say that he’s due an indian summer, so maybe the risk may be taken with him. Also, he seems to fit in with the Drillo attitude, thus:

“Whoever gets the chance between me or Kelvin will give 100%. We have both learned a lot from Neil and I’m sure we’ll not let anyone down.”.

One final bit about KIR which you may not know about – thanks to Claes again for this. He’s become a resident of Norway again, contary to what I wrote yesterday, the reason for this is because he stands to pay £60m less tax – yes, £60m – but in return for this he’s got to live in Norway (something to do with the fact that the Norwegian Government will only let him buy 100% of Aker RGI if he’s a Norwegian resident). Anyway, Aker are not on the stock market anymore – it’s now run by KIR himself, subsequently meaning that Wyndmore aren’t on the stock market anymore. I wonder if this current situation allowed KIR to put his hand in his pocket? Who knows, but as long as it benefits WFC, I frankly couldn’t give a flying……