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Battle of Stamford Bridge – the day after

Well, if there’s one thing about WFC you can guarantee, we can always look after ourselves in a fight. Witness yesterday at Ponti Stamfordi – you probably all know that there was a bit of a fight in the tunnel after the game, reportedly it was started by Wise spraying Lucozade over KC, him going apeshit and of course all hell breaks loose.

Drillo was even pinned up against the wall, though rumours that it was REMBE trying to injure him sufficiently so that Olsen would have to quit as manager are as yet unfounded. The most important thing about the whole incident was of course that we whipped them. Witness the way that a) the Celsi contingent tried to play the incident down afterwards (still sore, are we?) and b) MH and JH (even though he had a dodgy knee) got involved.

Well, if the truth was known it was those two versus 25 Celsi staff, needless to say the threat was dealt with in a matter of seconds – the police were only there to escort all 25 of the Celsi staff to the nearest hospital. Of course, the fallout over this will be tremendous if the ref includes it in his report – possible points deduction? Wouldn’t surprise me, it’s happened in similar cases before. Though if Wise is thought to have started it all off, he’ll be out of football quicker than you can say “taxi driver”. He was totally ill disciplined when he was with us, since he went to Paedoville his behaviour has seemingly got worse. And they call us dirty.

Thankfully, quite a few press gave us credit, the word “unlucky” sprung up quite a few times. One man who praised us was none other than arch nemises, one Fatprick Collins, obviously the amount of emails sent to him after the Barnsley match got to him a bit (note to David Barnard – you can cancel the “surprise” for Mr Collins). Interestingly enough, the last time in history Fatprick gave us a nice writeup was many years ago, when we beat a certain team who played at a (as then) undeveloped Ponti Stamfordi and stuffed them 5-2. Perhaps Mr Collins has a major hatred of Celsi? If he does, perhaps we may even start liking him…..

Good news – Carl Leaburn has started to consider his future at WFC, and is looking for pastures new. Check out the SW19 poll (yes, it’s finally closed now) to see what we’ve suggested for him (you really are a vicious lot)

Speaking of vicious, they did a poll of Celtic fans recently, and guess where Our Greatest Ever Manager (we never fought relegation under him, of course) came in the poll? Bottom, at 1%. Never mind, I’m sure that big job at Bridlington Rovers will come up soon.