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Battle of Stamford Bridge – more fallout

Valentines Day (and did I get anything? What do you think?), and the FA have demonstrated their love for us by slapping a charge on WFC, MH and KC for the reinactment of the 89 Tunnel Of Hate incident between Fash and Viv Anderson. Mind you, they’ve also charged Wise and Celsi as well. So, what actually happened. Well, from what it appeared, Wise deliberately splattered KC with Lucozade, KC for once got upset, and all hell broke loose, with (reportedly) JH getting involved and MH nutting Vialli. And they charged us for that?.

What happens now I’ve no idea, I would think a huge fine of £100k will be forthcoming, a couple of bans here and there (and that will fuck Wise up more than KC) and a “don’t do it again”. Sadly, I have a horrible suspicion that we will get a point or two deducted which may fuck us up – true, if that happens we will probably appeal, but as we all know the FA hates us. Mind you, if that did happen, what’s the betting that we somehow pull together and fight the way out of this rut we’re currently in? Maybe this has rekindled the CG (I still hate that tag) spirit

I’ve been questioned in the past about my general attitude to REMBE, and whilst to the casual observer I may have a vendetta against him, I would like to ask this : does anyone else think his Mike Tyson comments about the tunnel incident were extremely unhelpful? I know that it probably did happen, and yes, it was a good quote. But if this works against us (FA meeting: “well, your captain said that it went off, and who are we to doubt him?”), then he has a SERIOUS load of explaining to do.

Not that I’m a fan, but I think Celsi did actually do the right thing by keeping quiet, as did most of WFC. I am fully aware that REMBE would like to be a spokesman of something, but I sometimes really wonder if he’s doing it for himself or WFC. And these comments he made don’t exactly endear him to me one little bit.

One other thing about REMBE – he recently mentioned that none of the players were told about why JK left WFC. Well, for those new to the club since June, none of them probably care much, and judging from the stories we heard before the Fat One departed, he was generally despised by the players (with one or two exceptions, I hasten to add). So why is REMBE so concerned? And do I have to keep explaining why I don’t trust the guy one bit?