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Battle of Stamford Bridge – yet more fallout

Drillo has put the blame fairly and squarely on Dennis Wise for getting KC into trouble. Well, come on, Wise has gone downhill ever since he left us discipline wise, and any Paedo who wants to argue this point ought to give up now. Rumours abound that even the stewards got involved. Whether they were trying to break it up is anyones guess, though bearing in mind most of them are probably bouncers in real life, they probably started half the trouble.

Coincidentally, the Met have said that there is CCTV available, which has reportedly REALLY shit up Celsi. So, I wonder if that will further rubbish the claims that the Paedos made that “it was a mountain out of a molehill”. What’s the betting that Ken Bates has doctored the CCTV footage so it shows Wise getting gang raped, followed by Lars performing an armed robbery on Mrs Bates?

Trond and Lund are in the Norway squad to play Turkey next week (thanks to SW19 regular Claes for that) – surprising, no Dry Martini, though as we understand adultery is a pretty serious crime old Sexy Boy daren’t risk even looking at a young female turk….