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And today, I remember exactly why I hope the England national team get stuffed every time they play – Ben Thatcher is publically disowned due to his John Fashanu impression by Kevin Keegan (the reason given was because of Maggie’s “misconduct charge”). Dennis Wise acts in the tunnel in the same way as he does in a taxi cab (on a “misconduct charge” as well) and guess what? Keegan picks him.

I’m sure that Paul Gasgoine would have been picked had he been even remotely fit as well – what was it that the Norge guy who writes in our programme saying about the English national team? Hopefully England will get totally hammered in the game against Argentina – with luck most “true” Wombles will feel the same as well……

Guess what? Pompey have announced that they’re going to move into a 35,000 stadium. They’re going to do great damage to themselves of course, going after such stupid things like own grounds? Why can’t they be logical and groundshare with Southampton? Works for us (well, that’s if SH is to be believed….) – honestly, you look at the amount of teams who have moved or are moving to new stadia, then tell me that SP is an answer.

Actually, here’s an interesting development for you – Fulham may have to leave Craven Cottage because Hammersmith and Fulham council won’t let them redevelop their ground. They want 30,000 as a capacity, they’re prepared to spend £55m on it – all right, people may say that by threatening to leave their ground is going to force the council to compromise, but as WFC have proven time and time again, that means shit.

So, assuming they DO move, that leaves two clubs from (South) West London without a ground. Here’s a thought – one excuse reason that SH sometimes gives for his stubborness is the cost of land in London. Well, if Fulham are prepared to spend £55m, SH has at least £9m from the PL sale, plus I doubt if KIR would be short of a few quid, what’s to stop both us and Fulham looking for a new site together? Somewhere like Wandsworth would be ideal (yeah, I know, it’s not exactly open in Wandsworth) but I refuse to accept that there is absolutely nowhere within the vicinity of both clubs for a 25-30k site to be situated.

Cost won’t be a problem (as explained above), and as proper groundsharing can be pretty cost effective, it could well be an acceptable route to go. Think about it : both WFC and Fulham come from the same area, more or less. As the FA Cup tie showed, we mingle very well (there’s no real animosity, rivalry sure, but we don’t hate each other), and I doubt if Fulham are dumb enough to play their games out of a catchment area.

A brand new stadium will surely retain both club’s identities (well, it will retain Fulham’s certainly, we’ve got to get one first), and of course we could all drink in the Batsford Arms beforehand (assuming we don’t call it Crazies or some other wank). Problems? Yeah, the egos of Al Fayed and SH for starters, still, nice idea while it lasted.