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Can You Get Tramadol Online Published by Tramadol Online Prescription Uk REPD on 24 February 2000

So, looks like the Puma deal is done and dusted – as long as the CG is nowhere to be seen, I’ll be happy. Don’t expect JH, Chris Wilmott, TP and all the other “comeback kids” to, er, comeback against Man U PLC – various bits of flu and injury has scuppered that. Never mind, at least most of Man U are out already so it should be quite an even contest. For them.

Drillo is worried about points deduction – he’s especially worried as the FA haven’t even got back to the club yet. I reckon that the CCTV footage has been doctored by Ken Bates – well, how else do you explain the Paedos reluctance to release it?

By request, here is the Prince George Playing Field site (expertly outlined in red), complete with somewhat obtuse scale. As you can see, it’s a massive site when you start looking at it, and it’s a massive prime bit of land. Worth a fair few quid in anyone’s money Anyway, it’s a prime enough site, so of course the residents have already started their protests. A survey sent round the local area (and despite me actually being on the map I wasn’t exactly asked my opinion) said that the locals object to the sale of the land full stop. So suddenly they’ve become commies and want everything run by the state (with all the local brats having a nice safe area to play in). Meanwhile, in the real world, the London Playing Fields (who own the site) are losing so much money over it that they’re having to sell it. Now, it also transpires that Raynes Park Vale may be kicked out of their digs (their ground is situated on the bottom left hand corner of the bit I’ve scribbled round), so effectively the whole site will become a wasteground. After all, London Playing Fields can’t afford to keep reparing the (constantly) vandalised changing rooms, so it’s very unlikely that there will be too much parks football played there. My feeling is that the residents will ultimately lose, because as said yesterday, the David Lloyd centre (top right hand corner within red square) has shown that virtually anything can get built on there. And then, who knows…..

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Finally, more from Claes (our Norwegian spy) about Gjelsten –

Tramadol Purchase Canada “Norwegian TV just brought some WFC related news. Bjørn Rune Gjelsten leaves his position as Concern Director at Aker RGI. He states that he has come to this decision after six months thinking. He says that he has been working for 20 years and built up the Røkke and Gjelsten empire from nothing. Now he wants to use his time to be a family man and to take care of his personal fortune (which is very big). Kjell Inge Røkke is from now on owner, Concern Director and Board Chairman of Aker RGI. “ Wonder what they mean by “taking care of his personal fortune”?????

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