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Well, I won’t sniff at Tiny Computers 2 Tiny Penises 2, but I just can’t help feeling we could – and possibly should – have won this one. Today was the first day of the full scale R&G partnership, although SH was allowed to bring his mates along for a final farewell – Bobby Gould was definitely seen, rumours that JK was there to show that he is still alive, and much will be made of the significance that SH’s last game in “charge” was against Treble Winning United (TM). Incidentally, do you realise that since JK’s heart attack, WFC have not gone behind to Man U in any game whatsoever?

Onto the game, and this was a mixture of solid running, good tackling, an idea of where the goal was and some utterly shite distribution in the midfield area. I’ve no idea how often we gave the ball away today, but if Drillo keeps this on his computer then he’ll need to upgrade his system to a mainframe…. Jason Euell took his goal very well, normally he would miss that sort of thing. Carl Cort had a better game (although I still think we should sell him for as much as we can get for him), and his header was nicely placed for the goal.

We did however totally gift the game to United in parts – their second goal was due to the inability of Alan Kimble to take a corner and our defence to actually tackle various opposition players in vunerable position, and towards the end we were often giving the ball out for a corner when it was quite obviously that we needed to just leave the ball. Still, a point is most definitely a point, especially against probably the best team in Europe, and you won’t hear me complaining about today too much

Interesting point to note from today – although I neither understand nor care about tactics (and one thing SW19 very rarely refuses to print is anything dull like tactics), we were apparently doing a 4-4-2 today as opposed to the 4-5-1, which is supposedly more our “old” system. I have no idea what the significance of all this means, and frankly I have no interest in finding out either (so save your emails – I haven’t even read W&WW’s “Drillo Zone”), but as a criticism of Drillo is his “rigid” believe in his system, it proves that the guy is probably more tactically aware and flexible than many of his critics give him credit for.

One of my questions about R&G has been answered – changes behind the scenes are imminent, as BRG explains – “We will work on to find out what’s best. Reorganizing the present staff can also be a possibility”. Reg Davis for marketing?